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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Invasion of the Invasioners

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One of the most effective Cold War paranoia films was 1956's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". One of the least effective Cold War paranoia films was 1978's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

One is a small-town sent to a pod-induced nightmare, the other is San Francisco. Herein lies the difference. IOTBS56 is nothing if not intimate, and that intimacy is the accelerant for the horror to come. Friends, patients, neighbors, all become...other...than they were. Meetings were in small rooms, small homes, small offices...not suffocating, but intimate, close. The fear lends the suffocation later. When Our Hero finally breaks free from the alien grip, escapes all whom he knew, but no more, he is seen running down a busy California highway warning the drivers of the danger, but the larger world is beyond his ability to deal with, and he winds up as a candidate for a rubber room. At least it would be a small one.

1978's attempt is name actors, and largeness, set in San Francisco, and plays more as a parable against inhumanity writ large, with a cityscape that serves to dilute the horror, rather than to multiply it. And the "GOTCHA" is as unpardonable as it is memorable. Perhaps my favorite line in any movie. But it all fails to render the delicious horror trilling on your nerve-endings, the tension emblazoned in rich black and white.

Just thoughts....


Feel free to guess what THIS is about:

If I choose not to pay for someone else's lunch, I have not therefore destroyed lunch for the entire world.


Living in fear is usually a choice.


Inauguration Day.
This is to anyone claiming to be Christian.
Paul instructed Timothy to pray for those in authority (Caesar, the King, Prime ministers, Presidents, etc.). He did not say cry, whinge, complain on talk radio...he taught to pray for them (and the preposition used implies positive prayer, for, not agin' 'em.)
I daresay things may have gone differently the past several administrations (several being more than the last two) if we had but done what God says, entreating His favor, rather than taking our instruction from blogs, Twitter, and radio pundits.
Pray for the President and all of our government "and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way".


UFO and conspiracy sites:
You might be more credible if you didn't headline your articles with Star Trek fonts.


From me youngest, Noel:




Welcome to the 21st Century.
Isn't it all we were promised?


I require a new invention.
It pummels the food into submission.


The DD and I are both in the throes of the bug. Sadly, she is worse off than I.
Feels like flu, but without the horror.


The Dread Dormomoo suggests a need for packets of cool toy trinkets so you can retrofit your Cracker Jacks.


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Being morally judged for a t-shirt design is...disquieting.

The quote is "...from my cold, dead fingers".


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Pass the Miltown!




Will a hyper-Calvinist be arrogant faster than lightspeed?

The Singularity, that point at which Artificial Intelligence systems running self-improvement cycles until it becomes an Artificial Superintelligence, and mankind can upload their minds into robotic bodies, and then live forever.

Singularity, a bent humanity shambling back to a digital Babel is as brilliant as every other attempt toward bootstrap perfection.

Mercy, I just get better and better....


It begins to look like we will have the Moller SkyCar before the Elio.


Dear brethren.
It is not that I agree with your words, or that you agree with mine.
Me must both agree with God's words.


Quote that gives zero hope for 2017:
"Well, at least you believed in something.".


-Warren Zoell said...

The dog with hobo's face was pretty creepy though.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah, that was pretty unnerving!

Jay! said...

Singularity? AI? Upload minds into robotic bodies?

Looks like someone might have been watching Ghost in the Shell ...