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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Con-tumely

Don't live in fear of being called A Name because what you believe goes against what Is Popular, when you know the name and accusation to be false. That will break your opposition's power over you.



The more cons I attend as a huckster/dealer/vendor, the more I see the pendulum swing. People with Real World business experience (read "life experience") chafing and rebelling against the SJW Empire, people (including female-type people!) who get what, for example, GamerGate was ACTUALLY about, a call for ethical gamer-industry journalism and reportage, not some fell Patriarchal conspiracy to Keep the Sisterhood Down.
The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.


The idea that a President, Congressman or Senator should be a politician as part of his resume may be the most pellucidly stupid concept of our day, on the level of having Vienna sausages on toothpicks as hors d'oeuvres at a wedding reception.


The most smug ad campaign:
United Way.
"I don't just WEAR the shirt...I LIVE it."


Found on my Facebook feed:
"Happy Women's Equality Day, Weatherly!
On Aug 26, 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US."

If that was equality, then what's all the kerfuffle about nowadays?



I am now tasting the heat, not the meat.
Bye-bye propane and propane accessories.


Everybody makes fun, but it's a fact that NO-ONE died from a nuclear attack on America after "Duck and Cover" protocols were instituted.
Perhaps because the Soviets feared a nation that would "protect" its children in such a feckless way.


This is what I'm talking about, kiddies. This fandom's need to smear itself on Every Other Fandom.
I despise Who-a-booing.


Wait... so "Ashley Madison" WASN'T a fashion mail order website?


TTFN, kiddies!


Doom said...

Live in fear? And "know it isn't true"? I fear nothing from these, and will take even their vile notions. If they call me prejudiced, I take it. Being prejudiced is not evil or even foolish, it means the difference between knowing simple good from bad, something children do naturally I might add. Do not care what some people say at all, or think... or obviously don't think.

xxxxxxxxxx no idea xxxxxxxxxx

Patriarchy, in my opinion, is the baby that was thrown out with the bathwater. It is returning, one way or another. Either we will accept nature, or we will fail in that and become weak so macho Mexican culture, or islam, fills in and takes over. If you wish to tip-toe around it, fair game. Especially if your income requires some easing of Nelly's neighing. Still, what I suggest is the only direction truth can take. Patriarchy will return, just as what goes up will come back down... or simply not remain a part of this system.

Now... I might argue with you about Vienna sausages as hors d'oeuvres, save... I don't know what they taste like (if I like them, they would be in) and... well... I have an x and a y gene, which is a disability claim in some circles of endeavor. This probably being one of them. *grins*

United Way, like most of them... I refuse to give. Can't even give to Catholic charities. While they aren't smug, they are working to open our borders. I consider their work an active betrayal of the sovereign. Few good charities out there.

Equality by the ballot box? Bullets are much more sure. Regardless of what they say, attrition is final. I understand why women don't want to... cross swords. Shortest major war ever! I have suggested that, other than having children, women have no part to history, because history, in a word, is WAR.

I totally fail to understand your Trump thing. Doesn't look good though. I'm more for than against him, and more against the miserable others, at this point. But really don't care what others think. I still probably won't vote. Politics isn't the solution in any case.

Yep, yep! I went back to charcoal, and not the brickets, a summer or three ago. And I can smoke or grill. Love the good life! Cheers.

"Duck and cover" wasn't just for nukes. In Iowa, it was tornado protection too! Still don't know how our generations survived? Don't care, either, actually. I loved being a kid back then far more than the neutered, electric, secularly moralified, sucky, safety conscious, lonely lives of kids today. Schools, today, remind me of slaughterhouse worldview, for the children, as if cattle. Truly terrifying days, to my mind. If I have children they will NOT go to public, or even secular private, schools. Then again, I don't trust the Catholic school systems any better, not these days.

Who-a-booing? I think I get the meaning. And... yeah. Finally. Do you mind if I steal that term? While not sophisticated, in some senses, it is delicious. I may maluse it, if I choose to use it, but... I ham sandwich what I yam! :p

*giggles* A.M., no, not a fashion sight.

I'd have to see the fairtax act. If it is a 10~20%, all pay, no return, flat, sure. But if it's the purchase tax, where they promise to get rid of the other tax, no way. They will just, in time, double down and add the income tax back in too. Never give them a new tool. Ever! IRS? We can't even get rid of the Departments, like Education, EPA, and the rest of the boondoggles. Still, one can hope (and pray).
I might be all wrong, but I thought, if you are going to put that out, I would spend some time comparing notes. TTFN indeed, indubitably, and some other things. By the way, where is Michael? I hope he is well. Just... haven't seen nor heard, thought to ask.

Jay! said...

When people start calling me names, I smile. It means they've run out of fact and ideas or hadn't any in the first place. Ad hominem = you lose.

At the risk of showing my ignorance, what is the SJW Empire?

I LIKE Vienna sausage!

Maybe you could do a United Way shirt parody.

Women know all about men but men haven't a clue about women. All sex (Except lesbianism.) is rape. Women are incapable of hurting men. If a tree fell in a forest and there was no one there to hear it is the man still wrong?

Anyone but Christie, Bush or Kasich!

I use a microwave.

Duck and Cover - Good for nukes, tornadoes, Islam and Washingtons' bullcrap.

As long as it's not weabooing.

I knew Ashley Madison. I went to school with Ashley Madison. I dated Ashley Madison.
That website is NOT Ashley Madison.

Nancy Pelosi: "We need to pass this tax before we can abolish the old tax ... and to see what's in the bill."