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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Blivets from the Blithering

NOT voting never "taught" a government or party anything.


Theology used to be referred to as "The queen of the sciences".
There were no aeroplanes yet, but neither were there atomic weapons, air/fuel MOABs, nor universal surveillance.


Mrs. Clinton, "Legal status" is not code for "second-class status".
It is a statement that they are NOT legal now.
That means "illegal", lawyer lady.


Went to Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant (the one on the Square, not on Hwy.72) with the Dread Dormomoo. Crowded, of course, and tintinnabulatingly loud, for they had a country duo singing. It reminded me of achingly small rural Assemblies of God congregations, where a whisper would make it clearly to the back of the room, yet they MUST have a garage band amp and speaker setup for the Praise Band to assure the need for healing the deaf Real Soon Now.
Very. Loud. and the tables were quite close together. Unpleasant. The food, however, was quite good, as was the service. Our food was done correctly, despite the songsters competing with our order for airtime. They did appear to believe that we demanded extra cilantro in the salsa, but I did my husbandly duty and ran interception with adroit chip-work.
Next year, we shall shop for Mexican food makings the day before, and do ours at home. That restaurant. Nobody goes there because it's always too crowded, as the great Yogi said.


Oh, Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc. I went to you with SUCH hope. Your website has a CHAT function, now, so maybe I could get a response, unlike my emails to you.
I entered my need for a new heating element for my dryer at the shop, and entered the required email and my name. And waited for a response. Here was your response:
Customer Service
We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please leave us a message with your email address and we'll get back to you shortly.
I left you a message...ON THE CHAT

AND, I want tacos.


I would comment on how much I hate the "May the Fourth Be With You" thing, but I know what would happen, so I won't.


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Hilarious anime that turns the "Magical Girl" trope on its head. An alien pink wombat empowers the do-nothing Earth Defense Club with magical boy powers to save the earth (or at least the school) in the name of Love!

If you enjoy anime, you will recognise and appreciate all the leg-pulls. If you HATE anime, it will validate your feelings.
And no, I will not cosplay ANY of this. Not even the pink wombat.

ESPECIALLY not that.


One of the worst movies ever made.

Mr. Wolff, I double-dog-DARE you to gainsay that.


I am tired of being discriminated against because of who I am.
The "Young Adult" bookstore section is a MACROaggression against me and my generation.
*Insert Veddy British hand gesture as appropriate*


Setting up hydroponic tomato system. Baby steps toward aquaponics.
Rutgers or Beefsteak?


Have Something Of Note I am writing, but did not wish to leave you bereft, kiddies!


Michael W said...

"Went to Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant (the one on the Square, not on Hwy.72) with the Dread Dormomoo. Crowded, of course, and tintinnabulatingly loud, for they had a country duo singing."

Denise and I once frequented a Mexican restaurant in Houston. Good food, good service. Then they inserted a live band. Denise could tolerate such things, but I could not. End of association with said restaurant.

(A favorite Chinese buffet place here in Charleston once enjoyed my patronage until they installed a woman playing an organ and singing in Chinese. Fortunately for me there are other buffet places in the area.)

Michael W said...

As a rule I don't mind music with my food (cue Lee Van Cleef making a signal to the Union Army band outside the window), but I prefer it to be unobtrusive which, to be frank about it, a great deal of mariachi music isn't. If I'm going to listen to mariachi or conjunto or anything of that nature, I'd like at least two beers inside me. And nachos.

(No vampires, though.)

Oh, and everybody sees more anime than I do, but you seem to turn it into a science.

Z.P.G. --- you kidding? As big an Oliver Reed fan as I am, even I wouldn't praise that dog (the faux-Peter Max neo-hippie poster should've been an instant giveaway). Speaking of bad films, I recently reviewed Robert Altman's "Quintet", the watching of which was an effort I'd liken to trying to build the Great Pyramids single-handed.

Doom said...

Not voting has failed? Show me where voting has succeeded? Give them cover to do whatever they want, with your blessing, at your leisure. It simply makes you complicit. I choose not to allow such vast open corruption in my name. No, go ahead. See what it matters.

Beefsteak! Because, trust me (to have no real clue) on this. But if I use "because" twice, will my vote count (or more)? Wait, weren't we talking about this earlier. Never mind, this isn't a democracy either, I take it? :p Can I vote twice, or three times, even when I am dead, if I vote the right way?

Oh, and something else, but I... can't remember. Since I won't cast a vote, I'll cast an aspersion. Did I win? Yeah... I didn't think it would work much better than voting. Although... you might be left at least scratching your head, as the blog ptb! Speaking truth to the MAN! ??? Fie, don't ask me. I stole the phrase from some moron. But it was free. You can have it now.

The Aardvark said...

Doom, I Said that no group gets taught anything by your or my not voting. There are a plethora of reasons not to vote; this particular bit of reasoning seems weak, and made of whole cloth, albeit dry-rotted cloth.

Jay! said...

@> Michael - Keep America strong. WATCH ANIME!

@> Doom - I can understand the willingness in not voting. Every four years a couple of millionaires tell me to vote for them because they're so much like me. RIGHT!

Damn "lesser of two evils" krap!

All the same, I vote, partly to have "bitching rights" and that there are other issues (Usually local.) I find important (I ALWAYS vote against school levies. Government education is government indoctrination.).

My working at a VERY liberal university and listening to the "gay left" coalition daily holding court in the student union (And how they're going to save the world on graduation!) motivates me as well.