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Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Long, and Prosper.

I am really OVER the internet right now. If it's not the gold and white or whatever dress that the InterTubes distracted us with yesterday...

So, this is what happened Thursday:
FCC: "We are going to enforce government regulation of the internet, and tax it:"
Everyone else: "LOOK AT THIS CRAZY DRESS!!!"
(Me on FB)

then it's the demise of My Favorite Vulcan. Yes, Leonard Nimoy has passed, and the fannish world mourns a deep mourn. Being more Vulcan in my dealing with death than most around me, I come off as an insensitive lout. Nimoy has died. There. NEXT....

I'm sorry, but he did not make the world A Better Place. A More Interesting One, perhaps. He was an actor who co-starred in a then largely unsung science fiction series, and followed up in movies of that same franchise. He was also in the series Mission:Impossible. He bit the fandom that fed him with his whiny "I AM NOT SPOCK" rant. He wrote marginal poetry, made some marginal albums, and late in life took to photographing naked fat chicks. He spoofed his best-known role appearing on The Simpsons, and in a car ad. I regret his passing. I enjoyed his roles, and I am sad that a fellow-traveller has ended his trek.


Doom said...

Yeah. I didn't know about him ditzing his role, or other things. I enjoyed the shows, and still do a bit. But, Nemoy? If it hadn't been him it simply would have been someone else.

Do people even know that actors aren't their characters? Maybe we should go to all cartoon for the simpletons?

Jay! said...

"The heroes of declining nations are always the same: the athlete, the singer or the actor." - Sir John Glubb

Yeah ... I liked Nimoy in his roles ... But it's not like he was GOD! or anything. I'll miss him but I'm not traumatized by his passing.

And let's not forget his "starring" roles in Zombies of the Stratosphere/Satans' Satellites, Them and ... The Brain Eaters. Yeah ... there was that space opera franchise ... What was it? ... The Starlost? I forget.

Fantasies are fun but there are real things going on in this world that are more worthy of attention.