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Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Got Dem Old Net Neutrality Blues Again, Mama!

Network Coding 4

After much meditation and cogitating, I think that I have it figured out.

All businesses are EEEE-vil.
Comcast and such raise rates after investing money in infrastructure, and wish to recoup (and profit from) their investment. People who do not wish to pay more for their internets  get the slower speeds, including Netflix. If you have one taxi service in town, they can charge what they want. Internet connectivity is a finite resource, because science, because thermodynamics, or something, so throttling is the 'net analog to Death Panels. Everyone cannot have all teh speeds, therefore some are not happy. The 'net stoners who have coasted on "free" or low cost internet all these years don't want to have to pay more, so they want Government to make rulez against evil businesses raising rates.

Net Neutrality is welfare for the 'net.

Government does All Things Well.  What better to do than apply Federal Regulatory Power to bend business to its will? (This seems to be perilously close to the textbook definition of "fascism".) I am thinking of the amazing work done by Government on the problems of Drugs, Poverty, Terrorism, and Healthcare. I don't think any more needs be said.

The FCC regs, treating the internet as a public utility, cannot work to the good for those who have whined the most for Net Neutrality. When is the FedGov neutral about anything? Remember, when you complain to Nanny, she winds up dosing everyone with castor oil, for good measure.


Jay! said...

Wanna' use this on my blog next week.

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The Aardvark said...

Sure. Thank you!