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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


If it requires a license, then it is (treated as) a privilege, not a right.


Doom said...

Assuming the government that would issue the license is legitimate in knowing it's limitations for a populace that is willing to force those limitations, and able to do so.

There have been governments who have licensed some human life, while denying other human life. If you are speaking strictly constitutionally, I think you may have a valid point. However, the constitution has been badly bent out of shape. Not just recently, though the pace of the damage to the intent has picked up a great deal recently. So modern law, or the laws of any particular state, don't necessarily fit. For example, here in Utah, you have to get a license to open most types of shops. Shops, in my belief, and with the original design of the constitution, shouldn't require any licensure.

The Aardvark said...

The divide between the Federal and the Several States is a key part.

The 2nd Amendment enumerates our right to keep and bear arms. The States, or municipalities therein, may (or just DO) charge for a license for concealed carry.

Doom said...

Actually, the way it should be interpreted according to the constitution, every law of which I am aware regarding control and licensing of firearms is illegal, including the barring of automatic firearms. I am not alone, it is merely that most lawyers exist through having been channeled through indoctrination centers to end at a point where what is right and true is trumped by socialist notions. That either weakens them so that they won't support what is true, or actively deny it. And they go on to become judges... and politicians.

What makes 2A so important is it's ties to the other rights. Without a means of self and communal defense, the other rights become just paper. Which is why, with all else going wrong, seeing 2A being strengthened and bolstered at all levels is a good sign, one of the few but an important one. Now to get constitution conceal carry and a return to legal, unrestricted (with some caveats) fully automatic firearms.

Now that we are being allowed to defend ourselves from one set of thugs, let us finish the task and be able to defend ourselves from all types of thugs. (Didn't see your queue that this was in regards to 2A, but I can do that, too.)

Doom said...

Here is the beginning of another one for the win slot. One of many, lately, by the way.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah, I saw that article. Good call!