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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Godzilla WHO?

Printed 'til 4AM...watched fun stuff whilst doing so.


Wonderful "Godzilla? WHO's that??" Brit monster flick, DVD-ed by VCI. Even has a decent mini-documentary. William Sylvester, before he met The Monolith in "2001" is a salvage guy who, with his partner, dredges up a prehistoric sea monster, and takes it to London to show off at the Circus. Kong escapes, and climbs the Empire Sta....sorry.

Why do these guys wind up thinking "this is the ONLY one of these around!"?

London gets trashed when Momma shows up.

Interesting ear-candy: the mellow-as-a-band-saw voice of Ed Bishop is heard aboard the RAF recon plane, and over the wireless. MGM contract player, went on to fly a spaceship in "2001", and a bureaucracy in 'UFO".

An Irish fishing community gets stomped into a puddle, with nary a Tokyo Tower in sight. Momma is looking for her baby. Single mom-hood was worse in the '50s. She follows his scent to London-town, which replays the horrors of the blitz. Momma has no respect for historical monuments, and Martian tripods London Bridge, which falls down, Westminster, Big Ben, and the Houses of Par-lee-a-ment. (guess the reference!!). Urban-renewal-fu abounds as apartments and The Tube are prepared for parking lots.

Excellent film all-round, with nary a romance in sight.

Refreshing as a Junior Mint!




Doom said...

Having had a single mom, I could probably relate. A monster, but my monster. :p Then I became her monster. All better now, mostly. :)

Michael W said...

Also a great soundtrack by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino. The opening intro piece alone rivals the drama Barry Gray put into the Anderson production.

This film is one of the reasons I have a passion for British SF.