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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Creature...

Been to Orlando and back. I'm sure this sounds fun.

I am SO busy (or at least, so disorganised in my time management) that I have little time to read dead-tree books. No leisurely hour-long lunches spent scarfing whilst vacationing on Perelandra, or Camazotz (reminds me of Orlando with less color), or time-traveling through the 20th century. I have a Kindle, which seems to lend itself to shorter stints, but as my reading speed drops by half when I use it, it frustrates.

Ah, but audiobooks! The Kindle supports them, and Riatsila and I spent the 20-hour round trip listening to a horror story, a true one. Not Mengele's diary, nor Mussolini's train schedules, no. This is global horror, and a tale I have wished to read for years.

The Creature From Jekyll Island By Edward Griffin

 (The Creature From Jekyll Island is also an hour+ long audio presentation. The link sends you to a .pdf transcript with a link to the audio as well.)

tells the story of the creation of the Federal Reserve, starting with a secret meeting of men who controlled 1/7 of the world's wealth. From this compelling start, Griffin weaves a tale which not only will make your jaw drop and raise your hackles, but will explain simply and plainly How Money Works, and Why It Doesn't Anymore. It may be the most important secular book book I have ever read.

I cannot recommend it more highly.


Rigel Kent said...

I come here expecting some ruminations on B-Movie goodness and you give me monetary policy?

I call bait and switch! :)

Seriously though, sounds interesting and I'll have to add it to my virtual to read pile.

But I still want some B-Movie goodness. Guess I'll just have to read this: http://1000misspenthours.com/reviews/reviewsa-d/creaturefromtheblacklagoon.htm

The Aardvark said...

All I've seen this weekend is anime and tokusatsu movies...and a little "Top Gear". No B-movie stuff. Just J-stuff.

Yet, I apologise for nothing.

(I printed this picture in red and blue anaglyph style on t-shirts for a fellow dealer some years back. Very cool!)

Good site, BTW!