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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It made more sense in my mind's eye...

Still and all, it kinda works.


I am in volumes of pain. We have had our largest job of the year going on this week, along with vast quantities of smaller local jobs, PLUS Sunday morning I received a FaceBook bleat from a returning customer asking how his shirts were coming along, and we had never received his order. AND he needed them Tuesday afternoon. Long story short, he got them. PLUS doing convention shirts for three cons this weekend, as well as our own stock shirts for selling at said cons.

I hurt. I haven't even printed 'em all, but I've printed enough to Know It. Mind you (aside from the whinging about hurting), I am NOT complaining. We are blessed to have the business, and we are thankful. I am also thankful for aspirin.

We are going to attend three anime cons this weekend. Loen and I will be at Anime Punch in Columbus, OH, Riatsila at MomoCon in Hotlanta, and one-of-these-days-I'm-gonna-adopt-this-boy Aaron will be at KawaKon in St. Louis.  Hoo, boy.

We'll see Jay at Anime Punch.

Have a swell week, kiddies!

Maybe now....

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MacLaren said...

Coming to FL again?