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Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Aardvark is a Paulista, as well, and has an offer:

We will set up Ron Paul 2012 screens on our automatic press. Your group has white shirts drop-shipped to us (you pay for the blank shirts) and pay for shipping back to you. We will do the actual printing at no charge. It is a way for us to give the best way that we can. No hidden fees or anything. We just want Congressman Paul to get all the exposure he can get, and printing walking billboards is a great way.

Do not hesitate to contact us via this blog, or by email: aardtees(at)hiwaay.net.
PS: No, we will not print any Mitt Romney shirts.


Michael W said...

Not even Mitt Romney dart boards?

Anyway . . . I am not a Paulista (yet), but I cannot help but notice how everyone from all ideological directions in the Political Status Quo (and that includes many self-professed teabaggers) seem to be going out of their way to ignore or downgrade Paul.

When so many people put so much effort into trying to turn a political figure into an unperson, then it might be time to give that person a severe closer look.

The Aardvark said...

Well...maybe dartboards. Or unusual underwear.

Yeah, it's kind of bizarre seeing the unpersonhood of Congressman Paul. The MSM claim that they are including his general poll standings in their figuring, but I consider that a dodge. Ames was a very specific political metric, and Paul won a close second. I have gotten past the place where I have to agree with EVERY thing that a candidate says. I have definitely gotten past being a single-issue voter. If a fetophagous Neo-Zoroastrian ran on just being a Constitutional president, I would seriously consider him, ah reckon.

Michael W said...

Honestly? Right now a fetophagous Neo-Zoroastrian would be a step up as far as available candidates go.

I've had to put up with quite a few single-issue voters in my time. As sources of conversation, bottlecaps would be more exciting. What irks me the most about such people is that it doesn't really seem important whether or not their candidate actually accomplishes anything in regards to said issue; just as long as he or she makes all the right noises.

Jay Agan said...

But ..... but ..... Mitt Romney is what we in the country-club set want! Business as usual. It's so much better to keep things as they are & go with the flow. I mean ..... those teabaggers, constitutionalists &..... & ..... working people (Eeeeeeeeew!) ..... have no class or couth at all.

They don't seem to understand, that thinking for themselves causes pain, conflict & loneliness. Better we do their thinking for them instead. They should realize this. They're just so selfish!

Why I was just discussing this at the club the other day over martinis with a one Keel Lorenz, a power broker high "up there" (If you know what I mean, nudge nudge.) & he assures me he & his fellow intelligentsians (Is that a word?) are doing all they can to cut out these mentally ill proles & bring about a better world. Something to do with a collective "God conscience" or something (Ooooooo! I'm feeling so new agey right now!) Says it's going to have a real IMPACT!

Back to normal mode:

I swear, I hate "conservatives" as much as I do "liberals". Romney's just another Dole/McCain creature. Leave it to the Republicrats to select another bland, wishy washy, stand for nothing to run.

Liberals: Loud, in your face, children making mental mudpies out of their intellectual feces.

Conservatives: Little old ladies of both sexes who want their tomorrows to be like their yesterdays only more so.

I think I'll stop now. Sorry I've been so vague & non-definite. If I really say what's on my mind, I .....

The Aardvark said...

Jay, take two of these and you;ll be fine .

Yah, we just have a two-headed Ouroboros government. At the risk of displaying my new aluminium chapeau, I would almost say that the fix is in.

Listening to the Republiclones at Ames, and watching the almost choreographed eye-rolling whenever Ron Paul said something substantive, I would say, yeah, the fix is in, because outside of Congressman Paul, it won't matter who gets in. Bachmann worked as an IRS prosecutor. May as well elect Torquemada. Cain is as outside as any of 'em, and I like him, especially his FairTax support, but he has blathered himself out of serious running with his talk on ancillary inflammatory issues like the Murfreesboro, TN mosque. The others are as dissimilar as entrants in a tapioca pudding cook-off. I know the "Anyone But Obama" is going to gain popularity, but it will be bootless if all we get is a different Obama.

Michael W said...

Speaking of oversimplifications (and asking in advance for a pardon):

The Demoncrats blew it in 2008 by being so fixated on electing the first black President that the idea of a substantive candidate never occurred to them.

Now, in 2012, the GOP is in danger of blowing it again by being so fixated on getting rid of Obama that they feel the American public would support a paraplegic mongoose as a candidate.

If both parties wish to act as idiots, that is of course their prerogative. What worries me is that the American Public has allowed itself to be whipped up into such a partisan frenzy that it feels the continuation of the American Idea ranks far below in importance to Stomping The Other Guy.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah, and the Dems comletely poisoned the well as far as a future Affirmative Action President is concerned. (I mean, look at O'Bama's track record, all the accomplishments he had up through his brief Senate career. This earned him a Presidency?)

Both Repubs and Dems are guaranteed to be idiotic. I hate this. It is a repudiation of everything I grew up to believe as far as the System is concerned. I am pinning hope on Paul and the better angels of American nature, but I fear that these angels have come down with a bad case of psittacosis.