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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Thinking SyFy into the

July 4th, Independence day, has a lot going for it: Cookouts, fireworks, meditating on why Neal Boortz despises what the holiday has become, and knowing that when I turn on the telly to beat the heat outdoors, I will not be treated to Sharktopus, or The Chicken Heart That Became The Black Hole That Ate Peoria on SyFy. Always, always The Twilght Zone marathon. But in a move destined to damn eternal verities, and royally tick off fans of the channel, SyFy has chosen to compound the indignity of its name change, and run, not Rod Serling's opus as a marathon, but instead, treat us all to a twenty-hour marathon of Stephen Cannell's The Greatest American Hero .


Now, I enjoyed TGAH when it first ran. My first experience with it was when we lived in the Smokies, and I had Galloping Bronchitis, and pulled muscles in my chest from the coughing. The dear sweet teetotalling Dread Dormomoo saw my plight, and displaying Wisdom Beyond Her Years,. she suggested that we stop and pick up some wine to relax my muscles. Heh. I didn't know from wine, but had read about port, so we got port.

We got home, and the DD prepped supper. I sat moaning and sipping a glass of port wine. Yum. I turned on the tiny black and white set that served as our link to Outside, and there was this new show about a guy who found an alien super-suit, but lost the owner's manual. By this time my near-virgin metabolism was gnawing away at the wine, and I was feeling considerably less pain. By the time My Sweet brought my supper, my opinion was that The Greatest American Hero was the finest piece of comedic Sci Fi television to spring from anyone's fertile imagination as Athena leapt from Zeus's brow.
Despite my beleaguered chest muscles, I was laughing. Uproariously.

Wine that maketh glad the heart of man. The Psalmist knew what he was talking about.

So, fond memories of The Greatest American Hero, but I know The Twilight Zone, and you sir, are no Twilight Zone .

SyFy seems to have taken FOX's programming style: give the people something good, then take it away when they are hooked. Now we have pro wrestling, and reality shows about grown people who go to dark places with night vision cameras and scare themselves like ten-year-olds on a Scout campout. Oh, and now they have a show about a psychic who makes her family's life miserable. (Ben Stein voice) Yaaaaaaay.

I may watch some of the Greatest American Hero marathon, but it will probably require port to make me enjoy it.

I could always go outside, play Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks" and wave a sparkler around.



Rigel Kent said...

I remember wanting the Sci-fi (not Syfy) channel for years. But for one reason or another it just didn't work out, except for a few months more than a decade ago.

Just last year it became a part of the basic package at my house. And except for re-runs (which I can find online) there's pretty much nothing I want to watch.

I'm not a fan of irony, at least not when it happens to me.

Unknown said...

I must remember to speak with you about the latest idea in the morn.

I'm nearly at the point where I'd happily chunk the idiot box altogether. There seems to be very little of redeemable worth on it these days anyhow.

The Aardvark said...

Rigel, I know whereof you speak. REALLY wanted cable for the SciFi channel, but we couldn't budget it. Well, we finally got it, and the good stuff was gone. Huzzah. Cue comedic Wah Wahhh trumpets. Whatever. Ghost Hunters and Craptopus movies from Canada are avoidable. TCM is showing good stuff of late, and there is always FOX News.

A.B. - We did it years ago, and prospered time-use wise. Family reading goes a long way.
Then we relapsed. Most TV is irredeemably bad. Family Guy is tame anymore, comparatively speaking. There is so much great stuff on DVD, classic shows from when censors actually did work, that if you have the inclination to stare slack-jawed at the television box, you just need a DVD player.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Greatest American Hero Facebook fan page!

The Aardvark said...

Aaaaaaaaaand the winner of The Most Egregious Lack of Reading Comprehension Award goes to....