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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

OK, so I was listening to the talking heads at Faux News (I say "Faux News" because it is terribly chic to dump on FOX News, and I do so want to be terribly chic.), and someone began burbling about Social Security. Boortz has also been ranting on Social Security. There is no lock-box. No-one has "their own Soc. Sec. account". There is no money in Social Security, because the PEE-pul's honored representatives have plundered it for decades for pet porcine projects. Our kids, and their kids, will have to pay for Sen. Phogbound's roundabout back in Dogpatch. All of the money you pay in to Soc.Sec. is already gone. You lose.

Then, I was struck by A Thought. This being an unaccustomed sensation, I sat down and gathered my Thought.

Social Security was never about the money at all.

It is about Keeping Up With You. It is the pecuniary carrot to the Government's Big Stick. You have a number, and you are not a free man, Number 6.

Have a nice day.

Be Seeing You.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Basically, Social Security was a bribe for votes. That's all it was ever intended to be, different assertions notwithstanding.
It worked, but now the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the bribed are so infatuated with the idea of the nanny state, NOBODY wants to even think about getting rid of it.
It could actually still work: Put Congress on minimum wage and give them a medicaid/medicare stipend instead of the finest at taxpayers expense, then jerk that Golden Fleece Retirement Plan they have now & put 'em on SocSec like the people they're supposed to be serving.
Quit giving it away to the wetbacks, and every other non-assimilating foreigner on our soil:
Stop rewarding failure and paying people to be lazy and stupid.
Unfortunately, all this requires the...uh...approval of Congress (just like term limits and lower taxes) so big guess why it hasn't happened...

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

Mr. P. has suggested a constitutional amendment to have each district determine its representative's pay.

I'd like to see an amendment that puts a time limit on any given term. If they conclude all business before a deadline, each Congressman gets a bonus per day he didn't work.

Here in Texas, our legislature isn't in session year-round. We like it that way; keeps them from getting us in trouble.

The Aardvark said...

Ted, it's so cute when you suggest the Givemint do something sensible.

And Amen.
Mrs P.-

*AHEM* We still await your blog.

Good ideas all. The current weather woes in Washington make me wish for winter year-round.

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

Well, uh...as you can see...things have been a bit hectic here. I'm having to deal with some extremely overbearing grandparents of my children at the moment.

That, and I may actually now be addicted to housecleaning. I may have to sue Dyson for making a GOOD vacuum. It's plainly their fault for making it too much fun.

...For what it's worth, Pilgrim Baby #3 is due in April, so maybe I'll have time to fiddle with blogging as we draw nearer.

The Aardvark said...

May you bear up under the Grampy thumbs.

Isn't Dyson the BEST? We have one, and have zero complaints.

Congratulations on P-3!! We shall pray for all to be well.
Certainly, you shall be able to blog with the copious amount of free time you will have with the new baby, and dealing with the olders; you know, between bites of bon-bons and during commercials in your soaps (ducks an airborne Dyson attachment).
All God's best to you and your family!