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Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm sorry. I was Googling Fair Tax stuff, and noticed a number of anti Fair Tax blogs out there. The all seem to revert to the tired old arguments, first referring to "the so-called Fair Tax". This is just kindergarten-level grumping, almost on the level of saying "Neal Boortz is a poopy-head".

"So-called". Yes. It is so-called, because it is called so. "Fair Tax" is the name of the plan. So? The effort to prejudice the reader before any substantive arguments are made is disingenuous and low. It is the sign of a weak argument."It is called the Fair Tax, but it's not REALLY fair, so nyahh nyaaaahhhh."

"We can't afford another so-called economic 'expansion' like the one from the last decade—what some call the 'lost decade,'" Obama explained in his State of Obama address. An expansion that had a max of 5.6% unemployment, heady halcyon days, compared to the 10% unemployment we currently enjoy.

So-called. Man up, people. Range your arguments. Get out of play school.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

When the cost of everything you buy goes up 23%, how the hell can you call it a "fair" tax, especially when the corrupt-ass PTB would probably inflict it in addition to the income tax (like they wanted to do in the DeathCare Reform bill).
I agree that income tax has to go, but we have to attack the bloated, ever-increasing spending side FIRST, which was out of control under Dubya, and absolutely going hog-wild under DumB-O!

The Aardvark said...

Ted, this is why I said READ IT.

Everything does NOT go up 23%. This is the lie the jackasses who want to maintain control are feeding you. The 22%kinda-VAT taxes that are already included in everything you buy will be the majority of the FairTax. There may be a 1% additional amount.

2 facts:

* You will have your entire paycheck: an instant 33+ percent raise.

* Your $1 can of beans may go up a penny.

Do the math.

NO withholding. NO FICA, NO Medicare. NO Income tax. NO reporting. You only pay tax on what you buy at retail.

Why do you think this is being so hard-fought against?

I am copying my response to you from my previous post:

"I have one question: Have you read the FairTax site, and have you read Boortz and Linder's book on the subject? If not, do so. I am almost 53, I have seen a ton of political fads come and go, mostly ill-thought-out. Not so the Fair Tax. Some 22$ million have been spent on the research, and it is sound. I do not want some jackleg "national retail sales tax" added onto our current abusive system. I would not support it. I would fight against it.

What I support is the FairTax as written. It stands and falls as a whole.

It would only go into place upon the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment.

Lookit...we can either kvetch about how corrupt and evil The System is and what can we do about it anyway I'm only one voice, OR we can study the plan, and if it has the merit that I have come to see, get behind it and push. I would far rather die having tried to pass a good thing than blogifying my life away, whinging about all the many and vast conspiracies ranged against us. The US revolution was fought against the British Empire, for criyi.

The various tax revolt and tea party movements at work today offer a unique opportunity to present good ideas, AND have warm bodies to get behind them for support. If even the mere chance of abolishing the current tax system, and replacing it with the FairTax exists, I want to give it a try. If we waste a time when the pee-pul are truly beginning to be sick of things as they are, future generations will curse us for missing the opportunity."

Ted, go read the FairTax site. If you will read it, I'll give you a copy of the book. I'll put my money where my blog is. Just email me your address. But only if you will read it.