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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SarcMark website.

Another in the rather short line of novelty punctuation. Remember the Interrobang?

I thought not.

The design of the sarcasm mark is uninspired, and the roundness of the glyph utterly fails to convey the sharpness of the sarcastic - sarcasm coming from the Greek "to tear the flesh".

No, this mark speaks to me of things passive-aggressive, going around to make your point. Sure seems to be the way most "sarcasm" plays out in blog comments. Not anyone here...I'm thinking more international sites.

Of course, Vidad haunts some of those , too....

The SarcMark should be something sharp, like an exclamation point made from a lightning bolt. I dub the current incarnation the PasAggMark.

They are asking $1.99 for the privilege of loading it into my computer. Only if they get it right.


MacLaren said...

Maybe more of an html approach would work?

THAT's a GREAT idea!

A bit time consuming, but everyone is SURE to get it!

And what international sites are you talking about?

Ma-Salaama, ustes.

MacLaren said...


It didn't show my html.