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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home again!

Got a call Monday from the Medical Study people. "Your appointment is Tuesday at 9:30.
Come with a full bladder." Yaaaaaaay! Sounds like a party.

I am an obedient patient, so I did as told. Dr. N. took my BP, and did not glower at me. My new BP pills have done the trick. 110 over 80. My head is NOT going to pop.

OTOH, over two months after the first series of shots, things are getting back to normal, which is not great. After peeing in the machine, which is precisely as fun as it sounds, I find that things are as they were before. OK, it is a double-blind study, some get the goods, some get sterile water.... I have less than a year 'til I get the goods for sure, and then we'll see.

I have experienced some peevishness that turns out to be a side-effect of the treatment, if in fact I am getting the real deal. If not, well, I guess I'm just being a jerk.

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