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Thursday, September 27, 2007


One thing that I hear across the board, whether reading, talking with folks in semi-counseling mode, or watching the Farnsworth box, is that if a woman is unfaithful (read: screws around on her S.O.) the virtually universal response is:

She shakes her blonde little head, and with quivering mouth and running mascara says in tearful tones:
"I was confused."

This brings me no small amount of amusement and angst.

"Counselor Troi, what do you sense?"
"I feel ahnger...and great joy...."

I'm kind of a black-and-white guy. I even prefer B&W photography. All those colors just get in the way. So, emotional nuance is something that sometimes escapes me, even though I'm a sensitive 21st-century kind of guy.

What part of "faithful" do you not understand? What part of "vows" escapes your cognizance? What is confusing about "Don't commit adultery"? Does the brain utterly shut down in a fog of arousal? Is it pointless to train kids in morality, in Biblical standards of behavior?

Does God demand the utterly impossible?

"I was confused."


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