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Saturday, May 05, 2007

It always amazes me when I read someone referring to "The Jew", the way people referred to The Plague, The Pox, or The Towering Inferno. (I love Irwin Allen, but not THAT much.)

Here is the reason for this. Why is it the oddball "christians" manage to be the loudest? I have also wondered this about radio preachers. Why are the most cornpone, illiterate podunk preachers the ones with radio shows? I travel a LOT, and am often driving home on Sunday nights, and am also easily bored with driving, so I hit the search button on AM. FM is the Vast Wasteland. AM yields tasty bits like the cat finds under the table. But it also has the Podunk Brigade, preachers who sound like they have buzz cuts, short-sleeve white shirts, thin black ties, and voices that have gargled Drano and Lucky Strikes for decades. Generally, their theology is even worse. Rapture, Who The Antichrist Is This Month, and Why God Hates You, You Filthy Sinner, You.


Sin Is Bad. God's Love is Eternal. God's Son died to rescue you. You can live a wonderful life in Christ.

I could even say it like Jimmy Stewart.

"Paris Hilton: Celebutant". Shoot me now.

Fox News is showing its roots.


Tufts University is considering censuring (censoring?) a campus parodic magazine for a Christmas carol spoof entitled "O Come, All Ye Black Folk" (inviting blacks to apply to Tufts).
Imus gets fired for essentially doing what his contract with CBS Radio called for him to do.

Blacks have darker skin than whites.
Whites tend to have thinner skin about Other Races than other races. (Say "Speedy Gonzales". Also here.)

Beyond the "yelling 'movie' in a crowded firehouse" thing, where in "Freedom of Speech" do you find "Censorship"?
Have a good weekend. Go to church.

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