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Saturday, October 07, 2006

We have met the Enemy, and he is US.

I miss Pogo.
Walt Kelly was the liberal Al Capp .

Here endeth the nostalgia.

The Dread Dormomoo and I sleep with George Noory. No REALLY...we SLEEP. With the radio on.
He is the host of Coast-to-Coast AM, the venue which warped Art Bell above the Galactic Plane.
I have grown used to Noory. and have realised his apparent credulity is merely his allowing the New Age freaksters and their ilk a forum. I repent of having said thet he is so open-minded that his brain fell out. Noory is a smart cookie, and a radio animal. Last night he had "open phones", which generally causes me to bleed from the ears. The D.D. heard a caller fulminate over "if North Korea has a Nook-yoo-lur Bomb, then why don't we just "go in and stop them"?

Just go in and stop them. Simple as pi.

The Dread Dormomoo then noted that if we do not recognise the sovereignty of nations, and believe the the Yoo-Ess-of-AY should be the Planetary Defense Force (Robots...WHERE are our GIANT ROBOTS??!?), then we are therefore THE de facto One World Government. The US is the Beast, the New World Order, enter current conspiracy moniker here_______.

Mr. Just Go IN does not recognise sovereignty, OR authority, beyond of course the putative authority of the schoolyard Bully to shake down smaller folk for their lunch money and Pop Tarts. Might, sadly, does NOT make right. To get all symmetrical on your keisters, only Right makes might. De Tocqueville apparently did not say this, but the truth holds nonetheless, that "America is great because America is good." Sadly being the Schoolyard Bully is not "being good".

Bottom line...North Korea is a sovereign nation. Not a NICE one, and Kim Jong Il is a loathsome little piggy who deserved his treatment in "Team America". But it IS its own nation. Until it actually launches at us, we have NO business "going in and stopping them"

(OTOH, if they launch, then everything above the 38th Parallel probably should become flat and highly reflective.)

As the US continues its behavioural slide into the Abyss, our True authority shall wane, and all we shall have left to us is sabre-rattling and fiddling with the Button. The world does not hear us anymore. Our leaders seek further to strip us of national sovereignty and border integrity.

Soon the United States will be nothing more than a roadside stand on the road from Points South, a stopover for Central American touristas on their way to The Land of Maple Syrup, Hockey, and Government Subsidised Film-making.

Don't forget to try the Cactus Candy. It's really good.

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