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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gloria, Susan...here's to YOU!

The horror played out in Atlanta yesterday points up two things: the insanity of "we're all equal" as regards male and female job performance and ability, and the necessity for politicos to get better writers. Had the deputy sheriffs handling the 33-year-old rapist been two 250 lb QB types, I doubt that events would have played out quite the same. (I would love to know the thought train that set up the situation in the first place: "Yep, we got this big 'ol perp.....uh huh.....rapist...yep...we'll send Li'l Bit to guard 'im....yep, her...havin a li'l ole gal guardin' 'im, now THAT'LL teach 'im some respect for women...". I mean, come on, people, let's think a bit beyond who's next on rotation.

As to poli-speak, the Aardvark Award for Flagrancy in Mis-Speech goes to the redoubtable Mayor of Atlanta Shirley Franklin who termed the events..."disconcerting".
Yes, and Josef Stalin wasn't nice. Points to her for encouraging prayers for the families of the victims, though. THAT took courage above and beyond in our ACLU-ocracy.

In my darker heart, I can only hope that
Nichols behaves true to form, and resists arrest when caught. He's had his opportunity for trial by jury.

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