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Sunday, February 01, 2004

There is a problem. How do you present an idea compellingly and WELL?

Taxes, specifically INCOME taxes, are inherently wrong. Other writers have documented the inequities and Sheriff-of-Nottingham dastardies of the tax system far better than could I. For the Powers to seize what I have worked for by threat of harm, and give it to ones who did not expend their effort- beyond voting for a jackass in the booth- is a morally bankrupt act. Theft of the most egregious sort.

"Look, Marge, HE's a kook, too!"

Now, I know that the Income tax is putatively legal, and we shall examine Shakespeare on lawyers perhaps at another time, but to trumpet that "The Income Tax has been constitutionally passed by amendment to the Constitution.", when the Constitutions Framers provided other means of funding the government (Tariffs and duties, f'rinstance), while OPPOSING the concept of directly taxing one's income is to me much like proclaiming Theft and Adultery to be moral should Readers Digest Condensed Books edit the 10 commandments down to the Top 8.

There are several alternate- and constitutional- tax plans out there. I favor the Fair Tax.

Here is the problem: I hear a LOT of tax talk, and a lot of talk radio, and well, all it is is TALK. Period.
I want to know HOW to deal with things like the fair tax (which would ABOLISH the IRS!) without sounding like a CRANK!

Because most of the anti-tax crowd sound like cranks.

Even more, how do we get actual ACTION started? Because all I hear is talk.

Dr. Miller, my environmental science prof. in college, posits that there are four stages of human action:

No talk / no do.
Talk / no do.
Talk / do.
No talk / do.

We are currently at stage two.
How can we move to three?

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