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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well, the morning after, and the assault on the Constitution continues. Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) has strongarmed BP execs with demands for a $20 billion-dollar trust fund to be set aside and administered by A Third Party. Beyond the fact that the Obamster does not have (as Neal Boortz put it) authority to demand the set-aside of a roll of toilet paper, much less twenty huge, the prexy's ignorance of business fair takes the breath from me. Here, in the middle of an pollution crisis, we propose to take working funds away from the people who are trying to solve the problem. "But what about the shrimpers?"
BP has responsibility to take care of those whose livelihood has dwindled because of the oil spill- did I forget that BP is also responsible for the spill?

No, but so is the Federal Government, the "regulators" Trans-Oceanic, and likely Dick Cheney's shoe salesman. A veritable slick of groups have some culpability in this. BP must certainly pay its share, do so timely, and pay those legitimately hurt by the Gulf spill. BHO's imperial decree for BP to escrow twenty billions of dollars displays a brazen lack of business sense, which surprises me no end, himself being a Chicago community organizer and all.

The $20B really has nothing to do with the shrimpers, the hoteliers, the restauranteurs or the trash-picker-uppers on the sugar-sand beaches. It is punishment, a fiscal time out for BP. "Go to your room, and give me your allowance money!" When campaign mouth-flapping about hope and change does not suffice, BHOOTUS can be relied upon to resort to his Chicago political roots. Careful, or the president of BP will wake up with an oily pelican head on the pillow next to him.



MacLaren said...

They're all bastards. BP and the G-O-V.

I just wish we could dump all the slick into DC and not have it destroy Florida's awesome beaches.

The Aardvark said...

I think that we are congruent.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

When people who are getting taken advantage of stump for one of the parties taking advantage of them, it's eerily reminiscent of the Fredrick Douglass narrative of things oft seen in his slavery: Two negroes beating eachother up over which had the better master. That scene has played out all over the blogosphere as GOPhers rush to BPs defense...Vidad, your first sentence is exactly the case!

The Aardvark said...

I hope you don't think that I carry any water for BP.
They behaved stupidly, aided and abetted by the US givemint regulators SIGNING OFF ON THE DEEP-WATER RIG!

There are no clean hands in this. The Obamanator has stonewalled foreign oil skimmers by not waiving the Jones Act, allowing the oil to despoil showcase beaches, and pollute salt marshes, precisely to be able to show oil-coated pelicans on the six-o'clock news so domestic off-shore oil production will shut down.

George Soros is heavily invested in Brazilian oil, and the shut-down rigs will move...guess where? Carnivale, anyone? I feel a samba coming on.

Soros makes beaucoup shekels, funds the DNC, MoveOn, and other left/progressive organisations. And yes, I absolutely believe that BHO is as culpable as the pseudo-engineers at BP.

Vidad...you don't go far enough. Dump, then light.