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Friday, August 07, 2009

Finding their inner bigot.

Your Aardvark has been a civil rights proponent all his life. (It is rumored that the placards he waved about in utero were responsible for his premature birth. That, and the auto accident.) Thus he looks askance at the race-baiters and Klan types alike, if for no other reason that we all of us have sinned, and are in need of rescue, whatever one's hue. But it remains difficult to maintain a pristine reputation of Tolerance (what an awful thing, to be merely tolerated ...) when one disagrees with the President, and opinion has it that ANY disagreement is base bigotry: "You just don't like him 'cos he's BLACK!".

Perhaps your Aardvark should consider a run for the Maison Blanc, campaigning as the first 'Varky President. Mr. Obama's fans certainly raised the bar with the hosannas over the first black president, or African-American, or somesuch. I thought that Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed the ideal of content of one's character, rather than the color of one's epidermis, but then, Mr. Obama is from Chicago politics, so the character issue may be moot. Certainly much of the bigotry charged by his followers against detractors of his blatantly ruinous and unConstitutional programs is imputed rather than inherent in "them wot disagrees wiv 'im". While there are sheet-wearers and cross-burners out there, for the most part they do little more than hang around each other and indulge in paranoid conspiracy talk. ("If it ain't the blacks, then it must be th' Joos!")

The biggest problem is this imputed bigotry thing. If you are unjustly accused of being intolerant or bigoted for your disagreements with the first President of Color, is there a point where one throws up one's hands and says " if everyone says it, it must be true" and dons the figurative hood for oneself? Perhaps finding one's inner bigot is possible because others helped put it there.


Big ol fat guy said...

1st... Don't worry, be happy. My God has everything under control. After all it's his world. All we can do is try our best to be good Christians. Now about all these bigots...
People need to wake up and understand that we are all tribal. We always have been and most probably always will be.

The Jews hated the Romans and the Gentiles. The French hate the English. The blacks hate the whites, Oh I mean the whites hate the blacks...
Well I think both are true.
maybe hate is too strong a word at least I don't hate blacks. I do however want to stay away from them as much as socially possible. And guess what. They want to stay away from us (whitie).
I think all Americans deserve equal rights. EQUAL RIGHTS. Not unequal rights like we have now. Once a people have the same benefits as others it's up to them to do something with it. That’s why I hate what the blacks are doing. They have equal rights to everyone in this (legally) in this country. The problem is they are stuck in the "you owe me" mode. Thanks in a large part to the professional racist like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They keep telling the poor disadvantaged black man that whitie is stepping on his neck.
Whitie must be why blacks are the biggest killer of blacks. And it's whitie that's getting all of the teenage black girls pregnant I guess. And it has to be whitie that’s discouraging young blacks from achieving in school.
Well, I digress. Sorry. I just get so tired of the lies we tell each other. Blacks need to grow up. Whites need to quit blaming themselves and we all need to be a little more independent and stop helping people that don't want our help. There are plenty of people that do want our help.
The worst thing whitie ever did to the black man was convince him that he was too stupid to care for his own. After several generations of welfare they thoroughly believe it.

Sorry to rant. have a good day, and quit ruining my life!!!

The Aardvark said...

I guess Mr. BOFG teeters precariously on the brink if my mild little homily ruins his life.. Stay away from the gyms. We wouldn't want to read about you in the papers.

The issue, gentlesouls, is that the accusations of the left may become self-fulfilling prophecies. The incessant ranting and acting out by the Obamas, Pelosis, Sharptons and their like may result in the put-upon conservative Meek acting out the role written for them, out of sheer frustration. You see this in the canted videos from the various town hall meetings, in the strident shouting, shaking fists, and fight-or-flight stances of the citizens who are there merely to get answers from elitist lawmakers, and become angry when they are treated like morons., and lied to. If this keeps up, there will be blood in the streets 'ere long, because that will be the only thing the "representatives" will have left open for the pee-pul to do. Repeatedly, the vox populi rings forth, to be ignored by those allegedly following the people's Will. I am amazed that the talk radio stars have not stated the obvious tactical move: stop paying Washington. No taxation without representation. Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest have far less to do with the Founders than they would like us to believe.

Amadeus, the talk springs forth from their actions, and can be far more inflammatory on the public stage. Racism exists no matter the color. I will ask you a simple favor...please don't refer to Obama as "Big-O". That is an insult to one of my favorite anime series!


Mr. BOFG, if your God and my God are the same, then He says to love. Love one another, love your enemies, love regardless of ethnos. Hate does not enter the equation, unless it is sin that you are hating. Note that love does not equal condoning another's actions, but being like Christ, calling sin, sin, and then showing the way out.

I have enough Calvinism left in me that I view everyone as loathsome, no matter the color or creed. Outside of being redeemed, there is no hope for the FaeryLand that you wish for. no-one will leave you alone, 'cos they know what's best for you, or what is best for them at your expense. I will say this: if Jeremiah Wright and the preachette that I heard yesterday on radio are any indication as to teaching in black congregations, then there is little hope for significant change there. Between God damning America, and "John running through the church with his hands raised up", well, there seems to be little room for a theology of chasteness. (I kid...I know some very orthodox and Biblical preachers of color, though for some reason, they don't get much press.)

Rigel Kent said...

It's come to the point now where when I hear someone yelling racist, I assume they're either willfully ignorant, or lying. Until proven otherwise.

Accusing someone of racism use to be a serious charge. Now it's either a way to get something, or tactical rhetoric.

The Aardvark said...

Yes, Rigel. It is by-and-large a dishonest tactic, or worse, projection. I have noted, as have others, that many of the politically and ethically leftward often accuse others of being what they themselves are, because that is the only template they have to measure others.

Jesus said that your mouth reveals what your heart is full of. QED.