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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, the Utah yout' who gunned down five random folks before being reduced to worm fodder himself had an interesting twist to his life.

Yep, he was a Lutheran.

I kid...I KID...

Yeppers, this murderous kid, described by his aunt as "a good boy" was a Muslim. Apparently he took all the lessons from The Religion of Peace, Love and Tolerance to heart.

Wow...this is a real twist: all that teen angst running headlong into Islamic fervor. Instead of going Emo and cutting himself, he went Jihad and cut down strangers at the mall, busting, as they say, a cap.

Maybe there just wasn't a Hot Topic there....

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Ian McLeod said...

"Why do you have to be so hard on the poor emo kids?"
--that guy we both know.

Heh. Good posts of late.