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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am robbing from my comments here

An affectation which I abhor is avalanching (my term), or "Hannitizing".
You repeat yourself, you iterate, you restate in a triad to hammer home your point. It is like a verbal avalanche to the ears.

I think he has a good start, there.


The most egregious example of marketing humbuggery is the "hand dryer".
You know, those blow-ey things in public restrooms that are rarely good enough to do more than shove the water around on your hands.

But...but...they are environmentally friendly!
They reduce disease-spreading paper towel waste!!


They are run on Electricity.
Electricity production has considerable environmental impact. Mining...burning fossil fuels...greenhouse gases...in short, hand dryers are likely a major culprit in the Global Warming

I AM thankful for the reduction in paper towel waste. I can't TELL you how many family members I have lost to Paper Towel Pestilences. I caught the plague from a W*l-M*rt a couple of weeks ago, I think. All those rats burrowing through the piles of sodden paper towels. I get at least a couple of bites every time I go in one. I got a neat pet, though. Caught 'im whilst he was still hanging on. We call him "Snappy".

"They save trees". HOW MANY TREES had to die in the Pliestocene age to supply YOUR greed for tepid blown air in your wretched bathrooms; what Cretaceous carnage was wrought to save some desksitter the trouble of ordering paper towels? Hypocrites!
Oh...and trees are a renewable resource. They keep growing! You can't stop 'em...unless you pave over the land to build a shopping center in which to install hand dryers.

The best thing that hand dryers accomplish is to discourage people from washing their hands.
Now, I have a virtual fetish for hand-washing, and I note...and mutter to myself...when people bypass the lavatory on their way out of the bathroom.

I'm so glad that disease won't be spread THAT way!

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Crom said...

The best part about hand-dryers in the men's room is the scratched-on additions that vandals leave on the metal instructions plate, the most common being "Wipe hands on pants" or my personal favorite at the Cinemark 30 in Webster, Texas - "The button has V.D."