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Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Plethora of Pith

I miss the time when the world was more innocent.



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I notice that no one is sighing wistfully for someone to remake
"The Green Slime".


Fajitas seasoned too little
taste like horse,
at least to my imagination.


Really missing the '70s
fish & chips places like
Cedric's and Arthur Treacher's.


All the people who freak out over
"DANGEROUS TOYS" from mid-century...
There were no radioactive Jarts,
so it's all cool.


Amusing that some who give
no thought to following Christ
are flailing over the Trump
signed Bible thing.


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I do NOT care if it funds toys for orphans.
That men see that you buy a house, and say "We will charge you money for the privilege, and if you do not pay us, we will take your house." is an unremitting evil.
It is certainly not Liberty.


1955 cutoff?
1963 cutoff?
I don't know if I'm a Boomer or not!
I would love to be GenX and hate on the Boomers, too!


Whatever other deficiencies I may have, I have never taken a selfie.


The John Birchers were right, as was Joe McCarthy.


TFW watching the first Titan missile launch brings tears to your eyes.


One of the great losses of Western Civilisation is that Orson Welles never did a recorded reading of the King James Bible.
The out-takes alone....


You realise that a REAL
Hawaiian pizza
would be
Pineapple and SPAM


Facebook is the talk radio
of the 21st Century.


Be prepared.
If you voted for Mr. Trump,
then Jerrold Nadler will likely subpoena YOU, too!


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Socialism is not
"Communism Lite".
It is the Communism Lie.


In a few hundred years, the new seedlings will be old-growth.



Saturday, February 02, 2019


I am hereby advocating for the forcible removal of each and every self-identified socialist in "government service".

Socialism is Communism lite. They are enemies of our Republic.

We knew how to deal with them, mid-century last.

Friday, January 18, 2019

A Chamber of Chumbawumbary

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"You like a thing that
I don't like.
You're stupid."


This, my response to the Sturm und Drang over the Netflix
"Godzilla" anime movie trilogy.


Yes, and if the White House had served the team
prime rib and lobster
it would have been overspending.


I saw fan cosplayers this weekend better than this.

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The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

The friendship of people online is sometimes astonishing. Noel and I went to Ohayocon in Columbus this weekend. I did not touch the interwebs. We also had 5 inches of snow!

The Dread Dormomoo reports that at least one person actually 'phoned over conce
rn for my having vanished for 3-4 days.

Wow. I am touched beyond (many) words! I have had some messages expressing concern as well. Again, wow. Thank you!

I apologise for losing track and not giving a heads-up...my having to go was sudden (sickness of one of our crew necessitated it). There was much love of Aardvark shirtage, We saw many old friends (HI, SAMI !!!), and made new ones, too!

Thanks for your concerns. You have NO idea how much I appreciate having you all in my life.


SO, Ancestry.com harvests data for Mormon "baptise for the dead" efforts toward
your ancestors, and 23andMe sells your DNA to Big Pharma.


Can no-one understand that having Big Government is PRECISELY why we have corporatism and crony capitalism?


This may be a quintessential villain,

No photo description available.

This guy shows up repeatedly!)


Singularity. A bent humanity shambling back to a digital Babel is as brilliant as every other attempt toward bootstrap perfection.
Mercy, I just get better and better....


(5 January, 2019)
Watching the ORIGINAL Harry Potter movie.


I keep getting messages to pass on about the 28th Amendment, and calling for a Constitutional Convention.
You do NOT want a Constitutional Convention. That opens the door to tinkering with the WHOLE Constitution. You cannot limit it to the 28th. This is a BAD thing.
What you want is a "CONVENTION OF STATES" That is designed to deal with specific things, not allowing wholesale changes to the document.


There were army guys who did nowt but point to the left.
We painted the helmets blue and called 'em UN troops.


Remember when fan pages were about
technical and artistic aspects,
Instead of "Do you remember?"?

Do you remember content, instead of "Do you remember "XYZ Show" ?
Content promotes discussion.
"Do you remember 'Lost in Trek'?" promotes one-word answers.


Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (ret), attempted a million-man march-type event in 2013, for crowds of patriots to swarm Washington D.C., and the halls of Congress, holding our representatives accountable.
Few took part in what could have been a game-changer for our nation. They could not be bothered to participate.
Many are hand-wringing over Republican losses in the House. How many of those complaining did not vote in November? I ask because there were apparently a LOT who did not. for whatever reason. "I can't line up with EVERYTHING X candidate believes."
Whatever reason, they could not be bothered to vote.
The candidates were flawed, and thus not worthy of votes.
These non-voters could not be bothered to run.
Listening to talk radio accomplishes nothing. Compare "conservatism" now with 30, 40, 60 years ago. Consistently losing ground, and the VERY things that the John Birchers and such warned against have come to pass, however indelicately they prophesied it. Socialism and communism are not hanging about the wainscoting. They are now seated proudly at table.
Because you couldn't be bothered, for whatever personal tic of a reason you had.


To them wot styles themselves as "conservative".
Rush has beaten the drum for 30-odd years.
Rejoice in all our gains.

We do not NEED "conservatism", at least the way we have played the game since Buckley subverted it. Conservatism is by definition a defensive game. You don't gain ground playing defense.Buckley and his National Review ilk rendered groups like The John Birch Society to be null and void, as they were populist organisations, without the tony intellectual polish of the Buckleyites.
"Conservatism" has conserved NOTHING, has made no inroads into anti-Constitutional governance.
One thing we MUST realise (those coming from Christian backgrounds),  is that we must fight the inclination to conflate The US of A with the Kingdom of God, and recognise that Romans 13 makes clear the different jobs the two have. The "King" (the civil government) is tasked with unpleasant jobs not in the Church's purview, including capital punishment. Therefore, the President is not some "pastor in chief".


Advert on Facebook.
"Artist molds clay into faces of famous people"

Glad someone finally figured THAT out.


I am excited to hear that walls are old technology.
Planning on an open house arrangement, with drones patrolling the perimeter of our floor plan. Lots of fresh air, and scenery.
Good thing we like sweaters.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Felix sit annus novus

2018 is past, long may it putrefy.

2019 lies before us in lissome beauty. We hope.
Himself went to Columbus, OH with Noel to sell shirtage at Ohayocon. We stayed at a down-at-the-heels Days Inn near the aerodrome (the place did not have sprinklers). It was a clean place, redolent with Neutron Industries deodorisers. The Free Breakfast! was entirely carb-based, not even a hard-boiled egg in sight, yet, it got us cranked. We would Uber to the convention center (as economical as paying for parking). We did very well for ourselves, sales-wise, and may this presage pecuniary goodness for the rest of the yahren.

One thing. One teeny, weeny thing, my boy...I was writing up a sale, and I heard a masculine voice ask something. I responded "Yes, sir" to which the response was "Ma'am". Not sure of my hearing (my shell-likes are not what they were) I turned and asked "Excuse me?" "Ma'am", the kimonoed customer said. The voice, the jawline, the Adam's apple, the shadow beard, all screamed "GUY!!!". Yet, he insisted that I refer to him as "Ma'am" because he felt pretty, oh so pretty in that kimono. I acknowledged that, but did not utter the noun. He kept looking at shirts, and I felt the heat rising from my shoulders up into my face. Anger.

"OOOOOH! You're a HATER!!"
No. I was an angry little Aardvark. But why? It took a bit for me to compute it, but I came to the realisation that what this person was DEMANDING of me was to throw out every read, ID marker, every bit of Things As They Are that I have compiled in 61 years. "Ignore reality as you have experienced it for over six decades, because I am delusional, and wish for you to celebrate my delusion. Reject the world as you know it, because of my feelings."

When he was ready to purchase, I motioned Noel to deal with it. I could not trust myself, I was so shaken by this. Not because he was wearing woman's garb (been in the anime con scene for 15 years, and have seen a lot of crossplay...no harm, no foul.) but because that he insisted I deconstruct Reality to suit his feelings. I reject this, utterly.

I was subjected to a dreadful "Party tape" in high school (one of those comics who revel in ribaldry). One character in a joke was a lisping mincing guy who was headed for the "Ladies Room". The hero objects but the ponce says "But I have my Mother's features!". Our Hero responds "You may have your Mother's features, but you have your Father's fixtures, so you know where to go!".

Here endeth the lesson.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The road to charismania is paved with good intentions.

I take up the keyboard yet again.

I have missed you.

The subject matter may be...rarified...but it has been hamster-wheeling in my noddle, and I must get it out. The stupid wheel squeaks.

One of the most disingenuous arguments out there is this: "all Pentecostal / Charismatic / Spirit-filled churches are un-Biblical, because they misuse "speaking in tongues". "They all stand up and babble in gibberish at the same time, and no-one interprets!".
Apparently, so did the Corinthian believers.

And it's always "tongues". There are eight other tools in the charismata toolbox, but NO...we gotta pick on tongues. Granted it being the most, ngaaah, vocal of the gifts of the Spirit, it is the most readily abused, for "who can tame the tongue?", whether you are speaking English, or La-ma-salala.

Have you ever given a grandchild or nephew a set of magic tricks for beginners, and he then endlessly treats you to the same disappearing nickel or magic numbers trick? Yeah, that was the Corinthian church. They had a new toy, the likes of which they had never experienced, so they wanted to experience it againandagainandagain! And they jumped ahead in line. Didn't wait their turn.

In short, immaturity was rife.

This does not render the GIFT inferior, or bad, nor does it provide a doctrinal reason for saying "Well, THAT went away after the apostles died. HURRAY! Now we have a BOOK!". (Since I brought up the Book, I will add that there is ZERO Biblical evidence for spiritual gifts being the conduit through which the Bible came to be written, beyond out-of-context application of two individual verses from two different New Testament epistles, by two different authors, Paul and James.)

One issue is cognitive dissonance, on all sides of glossolalia. Paul APPARENTLY has two things in mind when he speaks of tongues. One (in 1 Corinthians 12) is the contextually inspired utterance in tongues, which should be coupled with the gift of interpretation from another speaker, which renders them analogous to the gift of prophecy, apparently, and unexplainedly (though Acts 2 may well give a clew). This exists for the edification and understanding of the congregation. The other is from 1 Corinthians 14, where Paul teaches that, failing the presence of the interpreter, one should pray in tongues to oneself (quietly) and to God. The first is a Happening in the church's worship, the second is apparently a readily available and usable mode of praying (I will pray in the Spirit, and I will pray with the understanding -my native language- also. This appears to be a volitional thing for the believer.)

Excitability being what it is, people got it all backward, and then, as now, believers took to babbling uninterpreted, because GIFT! Paul does NOT CONDEMN THE GIFT, as many modern pulpiteers are wont to do. Paul CORRECTED the Corinthian misuses. Between chapters 12 and 14, The Holy Spirit sandwiches what became chapter 13, the "Love Chapter". The logical flow is this:
Ch. 12: These are the gifts of the Spirit. You are doing them wrong.
Ch. 13: This is agape, how to love one another.
Ch. 14: This is how to do the gifts in love.

Assuming that modern "Spirit-filled" practise is analogous to that in the New Testament church, human nature works its way, and the same errors and behavior repeat themselves. Could there be a reason for Paul's correction of the Corinthians to be included in the extant canon?

Mmmmmyeeahh, COULD be!

An Agglomeration of Angst

One man's licorice
is another man's cilantro.


When a leg vein fails, and the shower looks like a scene
from the Grand Guignol.


Varicose vein did not like wash cloth scrubbing. Next thing I knew, the tub looked like a murder scene. Could not see where the blood was coming from, then I saw a fine spray from my lower shin. It was fascinating, until I thought "that's my blood, and it's going down the drain". I lost a measurable amount of it (I estimate between 1/2 cup to 1 cup), so I knotted my washcloth around my leg, dried off, and woke Lanie up to help me. She bandaged my leg, and I stayed still for an hour with leg elevated. Then I got a cane, got to my bed, and proceeded to sleep the rest of the day.

Have stayed still most of the evening. There is NO evidence of continued leaking, so maybe I have dodged a bullet. Gonna take it easy as best I can. If there is a recurrence, I'll go get the sucker cauterised or something.
But it was briefly entertaining.
LOOK! A new thing!!

It was, as I said, fascinating, almost hypnotic. I lost enough for me to be a bit dizzy later. Have eaten well and hydrated, and feel right as rain, now.

I wish we had had the presence of mind to photograph the shower, but it may have disturbed some.

I guess the Brillo pads will have to go....

"I have never had a fire ant bite"

I can no longer say this.


I can "temporarily" suspend service on a Verizon line for $10 per month.
I can pay them NOT to have a line.


If the Prexy had come up with a cool name like
would be fine.

(Comment on the whining about the cell phone "Presidential alert")

Good GRIEF, people.
It was an emergency alert system test, like the old EBS tests for the cell age.


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The word is "ogle", not "oogle".
Neither is it PRONOUNCED "oogle".

The Bible is not a grimoire, filled with potent spells that if you say them JUST right, or enough times, they will bend the Almighty to your will.
Instead, it instructs you to bow your knee, your desires and plans, to His Will.
Just a thought....


Amazed at how much data people happily proffer with these
"Find out how Santa will kill you" type quizzes.


Here is the con shirt design Lanie and I did! The copper details are metallic copper ink. You can catch some of the shimmer in the upper left gears.

No automatic alt text available.


So much current comics art comes from folks whose mommies clearly said "You're such a GOOD artist!"


Kind of amazed at how not terrible the '77 movie "Shock Waves" was.


Have a lovely week!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A congery of convivialities!

Not liking what someone says does not render it untrue.
It merely means that you do not like it.

It is significant that the historical creeds of the church make no mention of "The Rapture".

Here's yer conspiracy theory.
What is the Alex Jones ban
supposed to distract us from?

Who was forcing you
to listen to
Alex Jones,

Freedom of speech covers the palaver of John Birchers, Communists, Democrats, Republicans, even those who would advocate running around the pool, or yelling "FIRE!" at public gatherings.

(The latter two especially must then own the response to their advocacy.)


The use of "Conspiracy Theory" as a pejorative serves to shut down "the conversation". Deviate from The Narrative, and you will be gifted the redshirt of "conspiracy theorist".

Then you think
"Maybe Orwell should
not have written
some things.".

Two neologisms that twist my gut.

Anyone remember a '60s
sci-fi movie that referred to "lasser beams"
I think it was Italian.

My brain tonight
gives new meaning to

Limestone Co. officially
has black bears.
Mister Ranger's not going to like this....



Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A plethora of (self) plagiarism

Colossus blue screened me. Had to get an ASUS gaming computer, because graphics programs.
New computer boots up in 12 seconds. CorelDRAW opens in less than that.
I can also play a mean game of mahjong solitaire!

Don't tell ME I'm not a gamer!!


Just celebrated the Dread Dormomooo's and my 41st anniversary on the 23rd.


Limestone Co. officially
has black bears.
Mister Ranger's not going to like this....


Himself and Archie Waugh enjoying life in Chicago.

Went to a great Japanese/Thai place.
Celebrating a marvelous G-Fest! Go, go Godzilla!
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Because eternal verities are eternal...


The ORIGINAL Jonny Quest is being released on Blu-Ray.
I am NOT a Blu-Ray fanatic, but I WILL have this.

The cartoons are uncut, and will have the correct credits at the end.
You heathen monkeys.


Speaking of JQ, here is a link to a FREE online comic, that TOTALLY gets the original.

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Here is a pic of Archie, Noel, and himself at Maki, that restaurant....

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The tilt is because the earth could not stand the burden of
that much awesomeness on one spot.


Can't we leave politics out of our animu?
Just watch the pretty pictures, eat Pocky and drink Ramune?


Our latest kaiju shirt. Art by Kez Wilson. Noel did the print.
Image may contain: text


You're welcome.


I had forgotten that the movie "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" was titled here in the states "Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster" in 1977.
Universal threatened to sue over the use of "their" word "bionic. Cinema Shares, the distributor, changed it to "Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster".


Exposing screens to print shirts with. The vacuum blanket whines, the lights come on, and then...everything stops.
I figured I would have to open the panel and see if a fuse burnt out, or a wire came loose. I looked at the power cord, and it was plugged in. There was SOME light in the panel's neon pilot light.
The Dread Dormomoo came out, looked at the plug.
Pushed it in.
All better. "Did you unplug it, then plug it in again?" works.


Hard cases make
for bad policy.

Talking about a thing does not fix a thing. Talking endlessly about it, fixes it even   less.

Becoming wiggy...out-of-time. My sleep cycle is playing with my head like a kitten with a dead frog.


Later, kiddies!