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Thursday, February 15, 2018

This is making America great? A revisiting.

I was asked years back
"Aardvark, do you think people's behavior has turned for the worse over the years?"
Now, THAT'S a question. As this is my blog, and my opinion reigns supreme:


But a yes with caveats.

"Yes", because there are more people to behave badly, and more to interact synergistically, badly.

"Yes", because people have longer lives, and can get really good at being bad.

Violinist: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
NY Cabbie: Practice.

"Yes", because people have cut themselves from moral and spiritual moorings, and by that, self-control, through a cultural rejection of Biblical teaching. Like it or not, the strength of the West has lain in its Biblical Consensus. America has not been a "Christian Nation" (darn hard to baptise a landmass). I could argue that the concept is not tenable, but the fact remains that what governed The West was an overall "Christian" mindset, with Biblical underpinnings in intellectual thought, common law and jurisprudence, and man-on-the-street morality. Francis Schaeffer and others have documented this ably, and I recommend Schaeffer as a start.

"Yes", because we abandon our children to be cared for and taught in government-run schools, a government that WE have allowed to become the poster child for the wholesale rejection of what made America what it was. I was born in the Fifties. It was a time when rifle manufacturers advertised in the Boy Scouts' "Boys Life" magazine, and kids took part in marksmanship contests at school. GUNS! at SCHOOL!! Yet there were no "mass shootings" in, oh, 1963. Now, 50 years later, I find myself...well-armed, and have had at least three instances in my life that could have been adequately answered with ballistics, yet I shot no-one. I had self-control. I had been taught "thou shalt not do murder". Because our culture has rejected wholesale what made it great and good, now we have school shootings, many schools with armed security, and we have a congregation that carries for protection, because churches are also a target. Policy-types quake at the prospect of the kiddies having their eyes and thoughts sullied by lessons about the Ten Commandments, a historical compendium of basic get-along-ism. "Because Religion". The biblical consensus that kept us safe and for the most part civil has been deleted because people also cannot read the Constitution; because Thou shalt not kill is such terrible teaching.

"Yes", because public behavior has coarsened, with...unpleasant results. Road rage was not a phenomenon when I was a kid. Public discourse has degenerated to who can out-F-bomb the other. (Yes, I have a problem with public vulgarity. Jesus making a godly assessment of the Jewish leaders' character as being "sons of snakes" is NOT equivalent to my calling someone an "S.O.B.").

"Yes", because the church has become a Voters Auxiliary. Our proper mission is making disciples (teaching folks how to live, and then SHOWING them how to do it. Jesus walked, talked, camped out, preached and taught with His disciples for three years. We drag 'em to a crusade, "get 'em saved", and ensconce them on a pew. NEXT!), NOT marching on Washington, or Montgomery. Can and should a Christian vote as an individual? Likely so, but the church's purview is not to be a Voting Bloc.

So, in a word, yes.

"Make America Great Again"? Maybe, but first America will have to be good again, as de Tocqueville famously did not say.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Nuevo Nattering

Customary comestibles consumed.
Black-eyed peas, turnip greens, fried chicken.
Now to repent of sympathetic magic.


In this New Year,
I shall rabble-rouse until
Congress investigates Clinton/Brungarian collusion.

Air Fryers.
Are they REALLY good,
or is this hype?


How much bandwidth
is wasted by people
not turning off gifs?


Why are adverts becoming more infantile?
"Dilly Dilly"
Next we'll talk using with li'l icons.


Jim Goolsby wrote:
"Parker Posey is Dr. Smith in the Netflix reboot of "Lost in Space"...somewhere in Alabama they are scraping Weatherly Hardy's brains off a print shop wall..."

My response:
" I thought this was old news.
Makes me no never mind. I have zero expectations.
Too many reboots. So little satisfaction."

Why are there so many Japanese toys of the SR-71 in the mid-Sixties,
when no one was supposed to know about it?
They even did a model kit which had the drone that launched from the SR-71, that NO-ONE was supposed to know about!

Fuzzy Mothra!
Want to hug!!


Had I known that
Trunk Monkey was a thing,
I might have asked
Santa for one.


I neglected to ask Santa for what I REALLY want.
To be Hugo Drax.

"James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season."

"Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him. "

"Even in death, my munificence is boundless. When this rocket lifts off, I shall be leaving you in your own private crematorium."


Blessings to you all!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Homily of Humility

As the newsbeasts wrangle over what-is-and-is-not-fake, BitCoin defies gravity and loses, and partisan politics takes all the fun out of Parties, allow me a small homily. A homilette?
Perhaps I will not wind up with egg on my face.

It has been a rough year, a tough year, a busy year of third shifting, and me without a 'Vette.

It has been a year of paucity of praise for the One with Whom we have to do. It is always better - or easier - to complain, or riot, or throw stones. We can always lose ourselves in playing THIS or binge-watching THAT, and forget what is troubling us, and forget that we are troubled by going our own way, taking our cues from Sinatra.

Mostly, we are wanted to forget that One with whom we have to do, Who did not come to us in a red suit, but came in no suit, very God made man, stripped of His splendour, born of the shunned virgin in a feedlot for sheep, a palace redolent of manure, the God-man sharing the squalor of a sin-spoiled world. An omnipotent baby, born to die.

We are in the season where it is easier to speak of Him, for how inoffensive is a baby in Bethlehem? Offensive enough to earn the murderous wrath of the king, and offensive enough to be tempted to throw His identity away for earthly fame and glory. This baby was to grow into a threat against the whole order of things on our silent planet.

So we celebrate the birth of a baby, who is born to die.
For you.
For me.

Therein is the offense. A sweet baby is permissible; a mangled, bleeding, crucified Son of God is not.
Let us therefore celebrate the birth of Jesus, as is your wont. Just be prepared to screw your courage to the sticking place, for Easter comes soon, and we must share the offense of the Cross with as much gusto as we share Silent Night, and Adeste Fidelis.

A blessed, merry Christmas to you all, with love from your humble...

The Aardvark

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A tirade of twaddle

The accusers sound scripted. The method of trotting them out in series appears scripted. And THEN...Gloria Allred....

This has "October Surprise" spray-painted all over it.. McConnell's antipathy toward Moore (which predates these accusations) is telling.

Also, the timing is really off. The PERFECT time for this would have been during his Ten Commandments statue era. "Mr, High-and-Mighty Christian Guy" shown to be a hypocritical lecher. Now, it comes across (to one who has breathed politics for decades - with no filter!) a wall thrown up to keep him out of the He-man Wimmen-Haters Club. This tactic parallels what was done to Pres. Trump. Moore is an ideological outsider who would not kowtow to the whims of McConnell and his ilk. The verdict of my personal court of public opinion is: this is the Senate Republican power base playing Democrat political schemes. The timing is enough to raise the red flags.

Thus saith the guy from Alabama.


Sometimes life demands a cream cheese and green olive sandwich on buttered toast.
Butter side out.


Image may contain: meme and text


The people who believe they are REALLY a kitty or a puppy or a tiger should be turned in to Animal Control. Can't have stray critters running around....


"The Great Gatsby" is filled
with terrible people being terrible.
It is "Seinfeld"
without the dubious comedy.


The balance of the Universe
is off when the hotel coffee
is better than the
area restaurants' coffee.


Clearly the zenith
of Western civilisation
is the tactical spork.

This is spiritual in nature, and may result in contact dermatitis if mishandled.
There is a phony dichotomy out there between "praying" and "doing". This betrays a misunderstanding of prayer. It is not either/or. Someone said "You can do more than pray, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed." Prayer can provide a channel for thought and wisdom to see what must be done, and in the most useful way. It is contacting the Creator and asking for aid. Obviously, if someone is on fire, you put them out...you don't pray for a thunderstorm. This is reductio ad absurdum, and is an unworthy argument. The spiritual life is both/and; praying to see the opportunities, and then DOING what needs done.
Jesus said "Give when asked." That is pretty clear, especially in its context of the covenant community. Paul said to Christians "Do good to all, especially those of the household of faith".
Do...give...these are clear and require little prayerful prep time.
If someone is using "I'm prayin'!" as a social band-aid, a nice caring cliche, well, that's on them.
It's not how the system is designed.



"Inchoate" has crept back into my working vocabulary. How very Lovecraft of me.


Few fannish things seem more desperate than the "Trek the Halls" shirts.


I am reminded of the more "spiritual" folks who would refer to a "pot bless", because "pot luck" is superstitious. Selah

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A reverent consideration of the bunny.

This may be most...unexpected...from me.

Bless me brethren...

Hugh Hefner is dead.
He took a magazine concept sold at seamy bookstalls, just down from THAT theater across the tracks, added tonnes of erudition and professional photography, and made a legend of it.

"I read it for the articles."
Old gag.
The first Larry Niven story I ever read as a callow yout' was in a Playboy magazine, so yeah.

I am...impatient with the whole porn industry. I am not a reader of Playboy...too many problems with it, and too many opportunities to cause someone to stumble, nor do I encourage its reading. I MUST say, though, what I must laud Mr. Hefner for.

What he did, he did with excellence.

He took a dreadful market of pulp-printed dirty magazines, with dreadful stories, and turned it into art. He sought the best writers of the day. The prettiest women, the coolest cars.


The ex-Methodist-Sunday School teacher rejected the religious niceties, but exported the Doing With All Your Might.

So, Mr. hefner, I salute you for your striving for Doing It Well. I pray in your latter days, you returned to the savior of your youth, and took full advantage of His Excellence.

I wish that those in the churches could have caught your vision for excellence.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Tumulus of Typing

We understood hurricanes, tornadoes, and ice storms just fine when I was a kid, without on-the-spot weather reader histrionics on telly. Live OR green screen.


That's IT!
I don't care if you use a rotisserie, or wrap it around a tin can with a light bulb on inside...You are COOKING bacon.
Not hacking it.


Vaal was a vegan.

The Ten Commandments in the Worlds of 'Star Trek' - You ...


Spent the wee hours mugging. Not street larceny, nor making rude faces at passersby (who are not in evidence during the wee hours), but making pretty coffee mugs for customers.
Such a varied life I have.


Those green Nyquil caps pack a palooka's punch to a glass jaw.

Vocabulary mavens: I'm looking for the word used "for when an animal (of the illustrated variety) is depicted gleefully offering himself up to be eaten by people".
There is a specific term which is eluding my memory.


Well hallelujah! I got the Roku menu voice to go away!
Amazing what a shotgun can do!

I recall that "W" was excoriated for not landing so as not to take resources away from Katrina rescue efforts. Now Mr. Trump DOES land to check on the situation, and he is excoriated for not doing enough.
Were I President, I would let my people do their jobs, and keep to my business. Of course, I would then be excoriated for not caring.


The "Trump is Hitler" thing renders the actual Holocaust as meaningless except as a political bludgeon. The Holocaust Victims, ALL of them, then have no worth except as pawns in political rhetoric.
And Der Fuhrer smiles....


Posting against "hate" does little more that bolster the progressive moves against "thoughtcrimes". If I kill you dead, you are no deader if I "hate" you vs. my killing you in a fit of anger. My thoughts are my own. I would suggest not joining in the anti-hate rhetoric, as it will ultimately be used against you.
Because disagreement with MY opinions = "hate".
And please to note that nowhere am I "encouraging hate". I am warning against linking arms with those who would destroy you.


Since the South is the Big Burr under the US saddle, I have two ways to solve it. Both must be implemented.
1- All those who are unhappy living in the South MUST move out of the South, if only for their own mental health.
2- The United States, so as to punish the Southron miscreants for things their forbears may have done, must eject the Southern states from the Union. We clearly do not deserve to be part of it. This must be done unilaterally, and instanter.


Here's the deal. There are CERTAINLY bad people who want to soak others with high prices during an emergency like in Houston. OTOH, it's the way economics works. Small supply=higher prices.
This provides an odd benefit, by discouraging hoarders from buying up the limited supplies of, say, water, enabling more people to get some, albeit with some grumbling about the price.
Houston gas prices will go up as well, because the refineries are down. It's likely to take awhile for repairs to be made, and the gas to flow again.
There are SOME gougers, but in main, it's just the way it works.


I did research. Apparently this is how it's done:


The essential error that the "Confederates were traitors" people make is not understanding the "states" part of "United States".
The assemblage of states was the overarching thing. The States were sovereign, and had agreed to be united in a mmmm...confederation. Those who had a grievance could opt out, as secession was not illegal.
We, with our post-Lincoln federal behemoth, have little way of understanding this.


I've got a friend online, hight "Ed Kramer". He has a YouTube channel archiving the history of computer graphics, from creaky radio station logos to "The Last Starfighter" and pretty fractal thingies. TV, movies, gaming type stuff...CG is his thing. Allow me to encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel (Basement Tapes) He is writing a book "The Wizards of Hollywood" about the history of CG in Tinseltown, and his publisher wants to see more YouTube activity. So subscribe and watch. It's all great fun!



I'm sorry.
The celebrities we grew up with were adults when we were kids.
Now that we are *ahem* mature, they are elderly. This has a natural consequence: we will likely outlive them.
Just wanted us all to be aware, and not be surprised.


Anyone in the mood to watch "In the Year 2889"?
Naaaaahhh. Me neither.


On what planet is wishing that someone "*bleeps* up his eyesight" after glancing up at the early eclipse considered a good and laudable thing?
No matter WHO it is.


Best eclipse quote, from my nephew Garrett:
"I have not seen this many people outside since the release of Pokémon GO"


I slept through 96% totality, which any other time would be called "twilight". (I DID see the diminished illumination through my window when the Dread Dormomoo woke me to see the thing, and I grumbled and waved her off.)
I was mildly disappointed to see that civilisation was not cast in ruin...then I remembered the last two weeks.
So, did the super-werewolves leave anyone alive, and did California solar power limp through the gloaming?


"I disagree with your politics. I hope bad things happen to you."

Welcome to 2017.


The imbeciles in Nazi outfits are not on a level with the horror-mongers of WW2. To even equate them with Nazi Germany is to belittle the millions who were killed by the Germans in the Second World War.
These are little more than cosplayers, lacking even the style of Hugo Boss. I would be far MORE worried about the ready acceptance of "But". "I believe in freedom of speech, but...."
There are vast amounts of "but" out there, and at some point, YOUR preferred group can be in those same sights.


All said, I am DONE with arm-flailing foodists whose major argument is "IT HAS CHEMICALS IN IT!!".
You know what a solvent is? It melts things. Dissolves them.
Water is the virtually universal solvent. AND YOU'RE DRINKING IT!!!


Aldi rolls into town. 28 cents for a dozen large eggs.
WalMart lowers eggs to 30 cents for a dozen large eggs, because no-one is gonna drive blocks to save 2 cents on a dozen eggs.
This, kiddies, is how economics works.


I cannot tell how much I appreciate the sage "bend over and kiss your bum good-bye" advice in comments about surviving a nuke.


That Jesus did not set up a chain of "Five Loaves and Two Fishes" diners appears to have meaning.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Plugging a moth

Google, besides being a company FAR more interested in identity politics, and riding herd on employees expressing BadThink than producing good software anymore, is getting FAR too uppity and Nosy-Parker for my taste.

Last night (9 August) I went to the car wash to strip screens for re-use. Whilst there, I saw the prettiest moth (and I watch Mothra flicks)!