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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I have come to several realisations. Most of them are less-than-Pollyanna material.

First, if you choose to do things YOUR way, rather than God's, as revealed in His Word, then it really doesn't matter if you volunteer for Hospice, attend Imus' "First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship", meditate on the "Aquarian Gospel of Swithin the Unsure" in the centre of a butterfly and sunflower filled field, or take unholy orders in a Crowleyesque Church of Satan. Really, it just doesn't matter. It's binary! You either choose God's way, or not.

God is an articulate...mmm....God. I mean, His Son is the Word made flesh, so c'mon.
Like the loser bumper sticker says: "I believe in the Big Bang...God said it, and >BANG<, it happened!" Thus, He is able to get His point across. His apostle Paul warns:
"Don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers." People, this does not mean merely to avoid getting into an MLM with some unrepentant clown (though it remains a good idea!) but it also means DON'T MARRY AN UNREPENTANT CLOWN.

Oh wait...I hear a voice from the back:

"If my wife hadn't married me back when, then I would NEVER have become a Christian."

OK, let's take this apart: NEVER. Never say never. You cannot possibly know that. (This is not a Straw Man. I hear it every time this comes up, and it's always the guys that say it. Eve couldn't follow God's instructions to godliness, neither can these chicks apparently follow God's clear instruction. God may well REDEEM their choosing their own way; this can not be construed as God's blessing their rebellion.)

Back to the original point. You may trot out a myriad of perfectly reasonable rationales WHY you should do your own idea, rather than follow a sovereign, loving God's clear instruction.
Many people DO. I have a dear friend who has fallen for an addicted unbeliever. "He's a GOOD man...and if I can bring him around, it will all be worth it." I can see her already in my mind's eye, dressed in black, with prematurely white hair, calling out to God for this guy, years down the pike. This is not Obedience and Witnessing. This is rebellion and self-martyrdom. It comes down to this: What does God say. Forget your Very Good Ideas.

God does not care about them.

He has His will, and He knows it works. Do His will, and be amazed.


Billiam said...

People also like to blame God for bad things. They do this by trying to put God into our scant human understanding. Our limited minds cannot concieve of His glory, or power. Some compensate by comparing Him to "us", thus making it easier to dismiss Him.

The Aardvark said...

Just like God's Little Helpers who blamed Him for Katrina.

Hey, it's Adam who started THAT whole ball rolling!

Anonymous said...

Good post. Why is it that we what God to bless us while we directly disobey his written Word??

We need to go and read about Saul again. He wanted to worship God by being disobedient.
"To obey is better than sacrifice"

Cost Saul his life, but we seem to thing that we are smarter that all those losers in the Bible, we know better and God is going to do right by us?