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Monday, February 19, 2007

I may be spotty as far as blogging goes for awhile.
I have torn my back up. It hurts.

whine, whine

Missed church yesterday :^(
Loen gave the Dread Dormomoo a back massaging chair cushion for HER birthday.
She let me use it. It helped, but I woke up the same way this morning.


The fun news is that I can't work very well either, so it's going to be aspirin and Doans pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How bad do I feel?
The family are going to Mikawa Japanese Restaurant.
I'm not.

This is getting to the place that sent me to a chiropractor over a decade ago.

Sorry to seem all pouty, but this is old...

Any prayers would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers on the way! I've started keeping a list just for that. I don't trust chiro's, then again, I don't trust doctors. :)

By the way, in an earlier post you spoke of firearms. I know have a small (and growing collection). Just yesterday, after giving sidearms a month or more of thought, I came to a a conclusion. I have set myself up to buy this http://www.ruger-firearms.com/

I will be calling to confirm and organize the sale shortly.

I went this way because it resembles a 1911 .45 in feel and function, yet it's much less expensive, cheap to practice with, and will certainly offer me a working preview of what I really want for features in a ccw and home defense type short arm. Along with my 10/22, I should be able to really practice my shooting techniques once the world thaws a bit, and cheaply.

Good luck with your back. Like I said, you'll be in my prayers.