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Monday, February 26, 2007



Well, February 25th passed, and I didn't.

Your Aardvark is now 50.

Your Aardvark does not go to sleep with the Grim Spectre hovering over his thoughts. Your Aardvark does live with an abiding annoyance with his mortality. One could say that he has Issues With Adam.

"Isn't that cute." the agnostics and atheists are saying. "He has issues with a myth...."

The Aardvark does in fact believe in Biblical Creation. He believes that Adam did the Big Stupid.
He believes that he has Words for Adam when they meet. "The fruit could not have been THAT good.", he will say, "And Eve could not have been THAT pretty...."

He believes that Death is not a kind of creepy pal, but is in fact the Final Enemy, and he is not happy about it. The Aardvark likes life, and because he has only experienced life here, he has no basis for comparison, and is not sanguine about Major Change. He believes in Heaven, looks forward to it, but is in no hurry. The big Five-Oh only aggravates the issue, because What Has He Done With 50 Years, And Where Did They All Go?

Oh well.

The younger 'varks and the Dread Dormomoo all went out of their way to ease the blow by distracting him with presents, and cake. It went a long way. The list of Goodies includes:

  • A diecast Zero-X model, with amazing detail (see picture above). It is from a favorite movie, Thunderbirds Are GO.
  • A boss Tiki figure, to go with the whole Space-Age Bachelor Pad motif.
  • An awesome McFarland Jonny Quest diorama
  • A comfy terry robe, for the Lounging. Not a smoking jacket, 'cos your Aardvark is housebroken.
  • The Requisite Birthday Lifesavers...a family tradition of obscure beginnings.
  • More To Come, as the post is still handling them...
The CAKE, now, was a departure; an utterly decadent, repentance-worthy confection called "Raspberry Heaven". Dark chocolate bundt cake with a cream-cheese, semi-sweet chocolate and fresh raspberry filling. A white vanilla icing glaze.

Oh, goodness. 4-stars.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...


A most excellent Zero-X picture!

But ... I didn't even know there WAS a McFarland Jonny Quest diorama.

How about a picture of that??

Billiam said...

Belated happy b-day! I were 43 on the 16th!

The Aardvark said...

He were 43, he were.

Happy belated right back atcha!

Y' kid, ya.