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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

There is much sturm und drang over t' Vox's.

Now, I own a shootin' iron. I need to practice. I need a shotgun, too. I believe that it is wise to own firearms, when they are handled responsibly. There is no Scriptural mandate to own weaponry. Much has been blathered about Jesus telling his apostles to sell their spare cloak and buy a sword. They came up with two swords amongst them, and Jesus said "That's enough.".
(Luke 22:35-38) Two swords among twelve guys.

Hardly sounds a militia, does it?

One rule of thumb in Bible reading...or ANY reportage...is to find
Who is spoken TO, and what the situation (or context) is.

Again, I believe it wise to own and know how to use a gun.
There is hardly enough in Scripture to Build A Doctrine from.

That said...

Two of the funniest firearm things I know of:

Screwing a silencer on the barrel of a revolver.

This paraphrased bit from "Get Smart": Agent #8 (Burt Mustin)

Agent #8 - "My grandfather invented the first silencer"
Smart: "Really?"
Agent #8 - "Yes...when he fired his pistol, he yelled as loud as he could."

Now THAT'S Comedy!

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