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Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday was a BEAST; the Entire Cosmos was engaged in preventing me from getting anything done, timely or otherwise.

Now you know how important I am.

Thus, it is 3:45 am Friday as I write this pathetic screedlet. I was printing a job 'til 2:30, then I got home and coated some screens so that I will have summat to work with later today. I showered and Got Things On My Mind, so here I am.

Allow me to prophesy: In the next 18 months be prepared for an economic downturn. Despite Ben Bernanke and his Magic Helicopter, the economy will slow considerably. Y'see, it's part of The Plan. The Party of Compassionate Givemint has engineered the whole thing. The increased Minimum Wage, that Benison from Yonder DC-way, is already having the true Desired Effect (and kiddies, it is not to enable pimply-faced burger flippers and bluevests to better handle the Demands of Fiduciary Responsibility. Nossir.) Small businesses are already reducing hours, and letting workers go, due to the increased expense of the higher M.W.

"Surely Ted Kennedy missed seeing this unfortunate Unintended Consequence!" Sure, and he also bought Mary Jo Kopechne water wings. No, the Dems are VERY aware of this side-effect of "their" largesse. With an increasingly moribund economy, the Jackasses....er...Donkeys will slide into Election 2008 pointing at slowing business and increased unemployment, and they will say:

"Lookit! See what 8 years of a Republican White House has done to your pocketbook? WE can fix it by soaki...errrr, raising taxes on the wealthy, and giving that money to the Littul PEE-pul in the form of entitlements and increased services."

That's it. "Abbadee, abbadeee, That's All Folks!!"

Next: What can we do??

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