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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What a bigly, hugely, busy week!
WOW! But I am back, however briefly.
"Horn Day".
I shall reward your complete lack of interest with an explanation. We live in North Alabamastan, and are thus near the end of Tornado Alley. Thunderstorms tend to take out their frustration about missing that Exceptionally Fine Trailer Park in Texarkana on us. We have an Exceptionally Fine Siren System in our area, and it is tested on the second Monday of the month. A thin warbling wail dopplers up to a piercing blast, then back again as the "sy-REENS" rotate on their mounts. Horn Day, an Alabama tradition. Parades, children laughing in the sun, yet with an undertone of dread, knowing that the klaxon presages the glowering gloom of Doom. But they put on a brave front. Hey, they could be having to duck and cover! (Note: this is the FULL Civil Defence film.)
I have heard no figures on the economic impact of the illegal alien boycott. I would welcome any. (I did hear summat on Boortz, but it seemed a joke.)
When I was a kid, I do recall grim B&W animated public service ads for "alien registration". I always wondered if Superman had to register.

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