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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blam and DAST!
I hate bots.
(See the "comment" on Thursday's entry.)
But hey, my degree is only two weeks away...100% verifiable, this is a real deal!
O happy day. O joy, oh rapture!
Pretty Lady has linked to my blog.
I just think that is neat. I shall reciprocate.
That's the way Things Are Done.

As much as I appreciate [adult swim] for the excellent anime they have brought to our shores, well,
I believe that there is a bet going on at the Williams St. offices as to when the Great Unwashed will rebel and proclaim "This stuff is CRAP, and we won't watch it any more.".

...about the same time The Disillusioned Right will realise that the Republicans are interested in in ONE thing: Staying In at Any Cost.

HELLO! There are two extant Other parties. The Constitution Party, with heavy Christian influence. Being one meself, I do not see this as the Great Threat to Freedom, but the Media have itchy trigger fingers where the phony "Church/State" separation is concerned. Thus, the Libertarian Party is, to me, the only viable third party
around. The basic call to return to a no-frills government sized to Constitutional limits is a potent one.
I'm taking my name off of the "R" rolls, and joining the Libertarians.

These guys do talk radio that is more than just talk.

I REALLY need for you to go to:
and do what it says.

You need it, too.

Happy Sunday to you all.


Billiam said...

Wish the great Dormomoo a happy Moms day!!

The Aardvark said...

The blessings and thanks of the Dread Dormomoo are upon you!
She thanks you muchly.