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Monday, May 22, 2006

Well, back from Mobicon!

I had an EXCELLENT weekend in Mobile. Great business, saw some friends, great business, good food.

Did I say great business? It was great!
Such is always relative to context. Mobicon is a small science fiction convention, and even so, it was a record-breaking sales weekend for Mobi. Next weekend Riatsila and I will be at Animazement in Raleigh / Durham, NC. We will do in two hours what it took all weekend for me to do at Mobicon. Yet I am highly pleased with the weekend in Mobile. As I am overly fond of saying, I did far better than had I stayed home watching TV.

Schmoozing with media folks, I met Billy West, the voice of Fry and many others on Futurama. He's an affable and articulate guy, screamingly liberal in outlook, yet not a mere kneejerk moonbat. There is an essential decency and sense of caring in many of the Left persuasion, but most I find are as surely mind-numbed robots as they accuse the devotees of Limbaugh. As I said, West has a life-experience and ethical base for his opinions, and the only real issue I would have with him is the apparent assumption that the Government should be the Source of all Care and Action. At any rate, he is a neat guy who has had a rough life, and has overcome to make good! He has a current 'toon project he's pitchin' to FOX, and we are talking with him about our doing his t-shirts. Here's hoping!

We are all thankful for the faboo weekend, and look forward to the next one!

Well, Da Vinci did summat like $232 million world wide this weekend. Big fat hairy deal. People will ALWAYS pay for a lie, rather than listen to the Truth for nothing. This stuff has been around since the third century. The Enemy just trots out the Same Old Lies. The NEW AGE was just the same old song "You shall be as GOD!"

Heyyyyyyy, Athena. Ex-Navy, now a Jedi.
She had the BEST costume at the contest this weekend. All made herself, but in a GOOD way, with imported fabric and such. Very detailed and accurate. I thought her light saber was an off-the-rack prop, but NO! She made it, too, out of hardware and machine parts. Again, very detailed, and very solid. She should have taken first, but, ahhh, well. The Dark Faerie won...and all that entails.
During the interim, whilst the judges did their judgie thing, a pair of very sweet people known as "Those Damn Pixies" put on the seven-minute costume contest. You get a three swatches of fabric, duct tape, and a pair of scissors. Then they tell you what you will be. Athena talked me into going up with two others. Our foursome was assigned Cerberus the three-headed Hound of Hell. Athena, a guy with a pony-tail and I were the dog, and the other gal was Hades, our handler. Athena took charge and got us working as a team. When pics are posted on the con site, I'll put one up here. We got second place. The Sweet Young Thing who was Hades plied the whip on me especially. (I kept snarling at the Dalek, and Tinkerbell. I'm a baaaaad boy...) Maybe she has Issues. (I kid, I KID!) But it was a good time, and it's neat how four strangers can work together toward a Task.
So, it was a great time, New friends, and good memories! Sometimes, it's not just work at these conventions. AND I saw TEX! Yo, bro! A fellow Gerry Anderson fan, and all that entails. He and his Mom survived Katrina, and are fine. She's going through dialysis, so remember her in your prayers, should you be the praying sort!


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