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Saturday, May 06, 2006

And now for something completely different...

When the Aardvark was a callow yout', and entertained thoughts of Becoming a Minister-in Western Protestant Mode- he also entertained thoughts of going to (then) Montreat-Anderson College for an associates degree in Recreation. Being unskilled at the Volleyball and such went far toward discouraging him, and besides, he would not have then gone to St. Andrews and met the Dread Dormomoo (y'know, no-one has tumbled to that name yet). The prospect of tossing dodgeballs at velocity at dozing parishioners still brings a teeny smile to the tip of his snout, however.

This Aardvark was also a Summer Camp Junkie. Camp Pee Dee, a Presbyterian Church camp, was mightily used to bring him into the fold, as 'twere, and they used him as a counselor, an Aardvark unaware.

It was there that The Aardvark collided with Bob Fakkema, a Recreation Leader par excellance, who was still going strong even after a massive stroke. Bob was a master of Group Dynamics, and could really get a crowd humming and working together. He supplied tons of recreation materials to help this one along the path to Rec. Leader.

Well, this is one of the gems he shared. It is all found here.
Anguish Languish by H.L.Chase.
Here is one of the best.

These must be read aloud with as little thought as possible . It is the SOUND that makes it work.

Enjoy...This one must go practise his "trust" exercises...

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