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Friday, May 05, 2006

On the other hand, it all becomes a huge bore, with a few notable exceptions.

Ohhhh, you don't have a clew, do you? What you get for peeking inside my head like this.

Politics. Here in Alabamastan, we have a goobernatorial race heating up.

  • Seigheilman- Dem. who wants to get a lottery in here for the children. Yes, let The Poor pay their fair share. At least I know what I'd get. I have a slogan for him: "Heute der LOTTERY...Morgen die WELT!".
  • Bob Riley- the Repub incomp...er, incumbent, who promised no taxes, then proposed a $2 Billion tax increase which was shot down by the Peepul in referendum, who is now crowing that he lowered taxes, and created a huge $urplu$. He is Christianly against a Lottery in Alabama, and accepts money from Mississippi Casino Tribes to insure his againstness.
  • Judge Roy Moore- (R) Running to Do What's Right. I have no real problem, other than the fact that I just don't want to get burned again by voting for an outspoken "Christian" pol. (See above, and Jimmuh Carter, and Dubya, to name but few.) Moore is a good man, with what I see as proven integrity. Whether one agrees with his stance or not, he did in no way compromise his stand or values. I just don't want to be disappointed. Again. Riley. George...
  • Loretta Nall - Libertarian Candidate. Of COURSE she's about legalisation...There can't be a Libertarian in public without weed-talk. It is the Most Important Issue Of Our Time (besides abortion for Democrats...hmmm...I LIKE that wording...). But I'd vote for her just to Send A Message. And because she's hot. (I kid...I KID!) And she doesn't wear knickers.


Billiam said...

Come on up to Wisconsin! Our current gov is a puppet for the corrupt teachers union and the Lawyers. Our former,guv, a rino, is thinking of running again, and people may vote for the clown! He's the big spender that got this state into the crunch it's in now, and the current gov loves spending our money on b.s. and handouts and entitlements. There's a conservative running that has a good chance if the former gov can control his ego. What fun!

The Aardvark said...

Oh, Mercy...Our entire Legislature is under the thumb of the Teachers Union, personified in
one Paul Hubbert.
Billiam, let me encourage you to consider Libertarion. There is no help from the Repubs now. Either vote Lib, or just vote to throw ALL incumbents out.
(The reason I am Libertarian is the goal of returning to Constitutional levels of government, without sectarianism raising its ugly head. Howard Philips is a good man, but the church is the church, and the government is the government. It's like cross-breeding apples and ten-penny nails.)

Billiam said...

Cross breeding apples and ten penny nails, I like that! LOL The repub running actually HAS a conservative voting record as a congress-critter. The only area I disagree with him is ethanol. He's for mandating it's sale here, where I'm a free market kind of guy. If they want it, they'll buy it.

The Aardvark said...

Don't EVEN get me started on ethanol...*hic*
We have paid the farmers here in the US not to grow grains so as to artificially inflate the price (thank you farm lobby!) At the same time we have placed a huge tariff on imported ethanol, so the stuff we ship in from Brazil now is over-priced, and because of the Givemint mandate to include ethanol in our gas, does little to reduce gas prices at the pump.
This is why Demoncracy DOES NOT WORK! You and I are not represented anymore, but by goo, them what pays the lobbyists sure are!

Anonymous said...

Fear of being disappointed?!?

Recreating Aardvarks shouldn't entertain such fears ... Carter ... well that is more in your youthful recreat'in years.

Better to try ... not trying and failing is worse ...

Besides it appears this Aardvark has been around the ant hill a few times ... too many times to be afraid of being disappointed!

The Aardvark said...

No fear...perhaps a touch of ennui.
The anthill's starting to look familiar somehow!