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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh, the pain, the pai-i-i-n.

I have a question for my esteemed reader.
What do you guys do about PAIN?

I am 49, still young by many measures. (By inside-my-head measure, I'm 11.)
I'm portly, looking more like a Grocer than a Burglar, but not in the "bury him in a piano box" league.
When I print a job, I generally need a day to recover, 'cos I hurt so much the next day.
It makes no sense. Muscle aches, joint aches, but to a degree which to me seems unusual, given the nature of my work. (T-shirt screenprinting) Beyond popping APCs (Excedrin) there's not a lot that works.

Any ideas?
Oh...going to the DOCTOR?
"Take two Excedrin and call me in the morning..."


Billiam said...

I just deal with it. I also take alieve for my crushed tailbone. It helps. I also pray a lot, and thet helps the most. I'd be honored to swap blog links with you, Sir! I already added you to my section. Happy Days!

Terry_Jim said...

Ibuprofen is 'mailman candy'.
I try to lay off it for a few days, the take up to 800mg. every 6 hours or so as needed for joint pain. Aleve is good stuff, too.

Don't take more than the labeled dose of tylenol-acetominophen, however, as it can crump your liver.