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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Amerika Uber Alles

There. Maybe I'll be as notorious as the Voxster.

VD's WND column has stirred the pudding yet again, and has shown that most reactors in the Blog-O-Versetm have ZERO reading comrehension. Mention the Holocaust, and if you are perceived to be conservative, well, Katie bar the door, you must be an anti-Jewish, pro-Nazi slug whose Family Money was probably made in I.G. Farben and Bayer investments. Again the shirt with the Big Red Button: OFFEND ME.
Our local Talk Radio wunderkind Will Anderson (Oooh, I used another German word. "Mein Fuehrer, I CAN VALK!".) has recently begun to refer to AM 770 WVNN as the only relevant talk station in Alabama, or suchlike. Ummmmmm, Will, you yourself cited an article where Russ and Dee Fine of 101.1 FM in Birmingham, had brokered a deal with Roy Moore to have a public debate with Gov. Bob Riley (if Riley agrees). Sounds like the Esteemed Competition is Actually Doing Something- other than having people just call in and whine and kvetch about how bad it all is. They have put on a number of rallies, (The Alabama Tea Party, f'rinstance), and are at the forefront of raising awareness and action about the illegal immigrant problem here in Alabama. I love ya, Will, but build a fire under someone and DO something.
Shucks, even Darla Jay got folks moving over that phony foster family hijacking a Central American girl's baby.

More to come....

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