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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Have you any idea how tough it is to maintain a third-person style?

Happy Sunday. The predations of the week's workload have taken their toll, and I am HURTING! We did the shirts for a local Christian music festival (Soulstock). It took 3 days of solid 2-shift work to get them done. Loen, Riatsila, IM and I all took turns at the job, with The Dread Dormomoo folding, counting and boxing. We will be able to do the same job in a half-day once our new automatic press arrives. At 49, I begin to see the folly of wishing away huge blocks of time ("I can hardly wait for the next episode of House...I'll be glad when two months are gone so the new press will be here"...like that.), but BOY, I can hardly wait for the new press! 8-color, 10 station; all we do is put the shirts on, and take the shirts off to run 'em through the dryer. We could max out at around 40 dozen an hour. 480 shirts printed an hour. Wow! We have grown from a little one-color poke-it-with-a-stick garage endeavor in the Spring of '91 to where we are today. Between God's faithfulness, and a lot of hard work, here we are. Yaaaaaay!

It has been neat to have the comments picking up of late. It is an encouragement to continue this act of Intense Hubris, since, after all, everyone is entitled to my opinions, and would surely benefit therefrom! Hi, David. Welcome!
I hope you all have a great week!

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