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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

These will make you smile!

The guys who would go on to become GAINAX did this labor of love as the opening animation for Daicon 4. Daicon was a popular SF con held in Osaka in the early/mid '80s. This reprises an earlier film for Daicon 3, then moves into the story of the heroine all grown up.

I will be curious about your reaction.


Jay said...

Love the 80s style artwork & the opening Vangelis-like music.

All those ICONS! Seems a lot of "our" stuff is as popular over there as theirs is here.

And ..... oh yes ..... bunnies! Hefner has had an influence on "culture" more than he thinks.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah...Kitaro did the first music.

Can you freeze-frame and ID ALL the icons?
In my mind, I have always separated the anime "bunny girl" from the Hefner thing (may be moral whistling in the dark). No, Hef is QUITE aware of the mark he has made. Not inconsiderable for an ex-Methodist Sunday School teacher. In a comparative sense, I have had a grudging respect for Hefner, not for the subject matter, but because he strove to do what he did with excellence. My respect ended when I saw a video of Hef on William F. Buckley's "Firing Line". He was a pseudo-intellectual hollow man. Tragic.

Jay said...

ALL the icons!? Even a fraction? Life's too short!

I know what you mean about "the Hef". I understand he originally tried to publish a magazine devoted to SF/horror/fantasy films before he did Playboy but it didn't take off. It was up to F. J. Ackerman several years later with Famous Monsters.

As for "Firing Line" with Americas favorite "pointy headed intellectual" it may be Hefner was trying to show himself as other than a pornographer. He's certainly no Larry Flynt!

Michael W said...

Takes me back to my days in the Houston branch of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization; back in the days before anime and manga became so widespread here (heck, back even before Sandy Frank!). There were no dubbed or subtitled films, and we often had to make do with interpreting body English (or body Japanese as it were) to understand what was going on. Got my first taste of Lupin III, Crusher Joe, Dirty Pair and Mobile Suit Gundam at those meetings.

The Daicon opening animations were a special and highly appreciated treat in those days (plus it made "Twilight" my favorite ELO song).

I love this blog. Where else can you find William F. Buckley discussed alongside Daicon opening animation?

Jay said...

Back then it was called "Japanimation" wasn't it?

Dirty Pair1? Kei & Yuri are my favorite semi-homicidal, girls 'n guns, anime duo! They're the ones who rekindled my interest in "Japanimation" via the Toren Smith comics.

William F. Buckley IS an anime character. "Buckley F. Williams" is a minor character in L. Neil Smiths' libertarian Sci-Fi novel "The Probability Broach". A story I'd like to see as an anime.

The Aardvark said...

Gunsmith Cats.

That is all.

Also...Dominion Tank Police.

Jay said...

HAVE Gunsmith Cats. Used to work in a range/gun store. Anything making the BATF (Batfags) look bad, I'm all for.

HAD Dominion Tank Police (The local university anime club now has it.). Not as good as the manga.