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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talking the Talk


John Derbyshire, whose writing makes me inclined to re-install the quill meself, has been fired from National Review Online for his noisome Racism. Yes, the neocons at NRO are standing on chairs, pointing and shrieking "RACISS!!!" at Derbyshire, because he dared to publish some observable facts, and extrapolated wise behavior from them. Here we are, people. If you observe facts and behaviors that run counter to What Is Chic and Correct, you will lose your job, your reputation, and your standing in the world. Meh. His article is a counterpoint, white-man's version of The Talk given to young black men by their parents on How To Get Along In The White Man's World. It is disturbing an if meditated upon briefly, may well be found to be an accurate assessment, given the stellar race relations extant at the end of O'bama's first term as President. The race-baiters and racism-floggers like Sharpton and Jackson and their ilk have their antennas tuned for any perceived slight, however contrived or non-existent. The Trayvon Martin case is a classic study. My FaceBook page was rife with terminal cases of Liberal White Guilt standing in solidarity with the Skittles-bearing young man, whose moral standing placed him somewhere between the orbits of Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi. Was it right that he died? I do not know. I was not there. Was it a white guy wot done it? Nope, Zimmerman is a hybrid. It is terrible that Martin's family lost him. It is worse that Sharpton, Spike Lee, and the New Black Panther Party are making hay at their expense.

Was "Derb" ill-advised to write his "Talk"? He is 70-ish, has cancer, and apparently has things to get off his chest. I pray for him and wish him well. AND I am enjoying the stew out of his past writings. Mr. Derbyshire is no white-hooded racist from days of yore. He IS an astute observer, and knows his way around a statistic. If you enjoy his work, think about PayPaling him the $20 a NRO sub would cost. Or $5, or $1. Or pray for him. He is an unbeliever, but a polite one, and I could likely sit in his presence with no discomfort.

He has written of Race. This does not automatically make him Racist. You must judge in your own mind, by your own conscience.


Doom said...

From what I have read, he is a reformed racist, as most of us who have obtained freedom from lock-step mentality are. We, who are claimed to be "white" (if few of us are, according to the 1/32 code established by the census (and upheld by courts)) are racist against... ourselves... before our eyes are opened.

I thought he was overly sympathetic in his description and quite passive in his wordings. To me, it would be like describing wolves as dogs with a larger size, then dropping the subject. Of course, I am not just raciss, I am rabit raciss!!1!! Meh.

Jay said...

I am often amused by those who call others "racist", "fascist", etc. act like the very nazis they accuse others of being.

I can say with some authority (I was involved in the white supremacist movement long ago.) that the ones who the "lovely thought" types accuse of being "racist" would be a big disappointment at a klan gathering or other like occasion.

Michael W said...

Well . . . I've never been "Chic" or "Correct", I'm unemployed and have neither a reputation or any sort of measureable standing in the world. Maybe Derbyshire could come bunk at the Mojocave.

Unfortunately we are quickly becoming a stupid and ugly little culture, as the recent Trayvon Martin case is demonstrating (a total pooch screw if ever there was one). Somewhere our society got hardwired to the notion that Screaming and Posturing is superior (and more lucrative) to rational dialogue.

The Aardvark said...

Here is a quote from a "Taki's" writer:

(T)oday’s liberal-arts graduates have created an environment where anything that makes anyone uncomfortable is hate speech, even if it’s true—in many cases, especially if it’s true. -- Gavin McInnes

This comes close to "Thus saith the Lord.".

Michael W said...

Without realizing that the only way to make the world "comfortable" for everyone is remove all the people.

I have never approved of censorship, either from the Left or from the Right. If we do not try to learn how to face unpleasant subjects (especially unpleasant truths), then those subjects will roll over us at the first opportunity.

Doom said...

Oddly, the reason I am for open discourse and the laying out of facts is because if that doesn't happen, eventually there will be a revolt. Now, revolts don't always come from without the government.

Basically, what I suspect, is that if these issues aren't faced and handled, a more extreme, and government sanctioned, form of racism will appear. It will be bloody, final for many even. Of course, as monstrous as things have become, I'm beginning to care less.