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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Saturday Evening Post

Gaia our Goddess is One,

and Captain Planet is Her Prophet.


Michael W said...

God save me from shows with a social agenda.

(Or, to borrow a quote from William Burroughs: "God defend us all from a difficult decision at the Pentagon".)

Programming like that is what absolutely ruined Saturday mornings in this country. I used to get up and see THE HERCULOIDS, SPACE GHOST, FIREBALL XL5, etc. etc. Then someone decided that the business of children's programming was to impart Lessons (translate as: deliver them with all the subtlety of a storm of bricks).

The only person who was capable of being genuinely entertaining while, at the same time, delivering missives concerning Virtue was Chuck Jones. His classic 1955 cartoon, "One Froggy Evening", will go down in history as one of the finest morality plays of the 20th Century. And his all-too-brief television series, "Curiosity Shop", was watchable as well as informative.

The closest I'd come to watching something like "Captain Planet" was the series "Ark II".

The Aardvark said...

YES! Before the frog was named "Michigan J." (shudder)

Curiosity Shop (ABC) waqs (in part) written by Ray Bradbury.

Oh. There is a Captain Planet movie in the works. Live action. Another reason for me NOT to shell out $11.

Whadja think of Hoagland?

Michael W said...

Oh I think Hoagland's interesting and have, since then, visited his website. I tend to side with the late Hal Clement in that outer moons such as Titan and Europa are the key to colonization of the solar system, but give Hoagland his due in regards to his ideas concerning Phobos.