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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thanks to both!

In on the joke?

So, I am coming to terms with the whole grandfather thing. I have a pistol of a grandson who calls me "Dadnarg" and everything. He is smart as a whip, and is already being taught by his Mom Mom, who was taught by her  Mom. Circle of life and all that. The problem is, when I see him, I am reminded of the fact that through the good graces of Republican President George W.Bush, and Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama (from the alleged two different parties, with two different philosophies of Government), through BOTH of their offices, every cent that my grandson will ever pay in federal taxes, from now until he is gathered unto his people, every penny of those taxes has already been spent.

There is a Thing making the rounds on Facebook that purports to show Even-Handedness in thinking of Things Political: AHA! The image has vanished online. The essence is

"You may not like the President, but don't let the reason you don't like him be a lie."

What I have stated above is not a lie, and I despise them BOTH for it.


Michael W said...

Wasn't "Dadnarg" the character played by Ernest Borgnine in "The Vikings"?

Anyway, I envy you your grandson. Jeremiah's in his late 20s and is no closer to producing offspring of any sort. Forget biological clocks . . . the real danger is in grandchildren clocks!

Doom said...

Michael W.,

Oh, I envy you your son and his grandson. At least I still have the mojo for a go at it, if I can just flag a woman over. *flagging my ... off* If in a Doom sort of way, not sure that's going to work. But you never know. Crocodiles may only eat once a year, but they do eat. :)

Michael W said...

@Doom: "if I can just flag a woman".

Well, as Will Eisner once wrote: "Every little bug has a honey to hug". Sometimes all it takes is patience. For instance: back in August of 1975, when I returned to Texas A&M, I was absolutely clueless that, within two months, I'd meet my future wife. If romance could be planned then it wouldn't be nearly as much fun (and we'd lose over 99% of our art and literature).