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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thanks Julian!

For years, in Flandersville, I resisted with gusto the predations of The East on the pristine purity of Western Culture. (P.L., you may get up off of the floor, now. Such rolling is Not Dignified.)
OK, Julian is...eclectic. Out of the blue, he started showing me a few self-defence moves, like Snake Climbs Branch. Then he took an appraising look at me, and proceeded to induce pain.

I had almost a week of not being able to print because of a thumb injury. Had NO idea what happened, it just started hurting. A lot. He applied pressure in the meat between thumb and index finger. A LOT of pressure. It caused pain. A LOT of pain. Then he grabbed my thumb and SNAPped it into place. There you go.
As to the pain from his probing, he looked at me and asked "What would be putting stress on your lungs?".
Aha. Reflexology. And I DO have aerosol stressors with my work.

He snapped my other thumb, too.

And my neck.
It was driving him nuts: the crookedness. It was drivin' me nuts, too: the pain, but I did not tell HIM that.
He lay me down on a bench, cradled my neck, and did the thing. SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!
My neck was STRAIGHT.
I was, in fact, taller.
And I did not hurt.

Thanks so much.

And yes, I can still walk.

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Pretty Lady said...

I didn't roll. I merely smiled knowingly.