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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy New Week!
Those of us who do not keel over, or breathe our last in the night, will enjoy it, I'm sure! This is good.
"There is much anger in this one."

OK, I give the churches in our neck of the woods twenty years, tops.
There is a move toward apostasy that boggles the mind, and issues like The Da Vinci Code serve only to obfuscate the true problems. "Look at the monkey!!"
God's Word provides a clear pattern for the church to follow. How may I be saved? There is
Scriptural teaching to even hint that you "pray this prayer and ask Jeeee-zus into your heart".
To labor the point:

The Apostle Peter gave the steps in Acts 2:
Repent (this pre-supposes belief in Jesus as God's son, and thus obeying him as Lord),
Be baptised for the remission of your sins,
You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

That's it. Peter delivered the Keys to the Kingdom. If people can't even go through the door correctly, well, are they even in?

Um, another thing is a propensity to Preach the Problem.
"Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage" f'rinstance.
Jesus spoke VERY BRIEFLY on adultery, and divorce, and as to the big "A", said

Most of ALL the rest of his teaching is applicable to having a very happy marriage and family.
Why then do we spend reams of paper to write books on "Marriage-Divorce-and Remarriage", that damned triad. This makes an appearance of equivalence. Divorce is an aberration, and should be taught as such. This "method" of teaching has gone on for at least two generations, and the fruit we reap? More divorces in the church.

My head wants to explode. I am SO angry.
So VERY angry at the cretinous issues-oriented teaching that has brought us on par with the World.

Thank God I get to preach in two weeks. And I am NOT a brimstone kinda guy.
If I can figger it out, I'll post an MP3.

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