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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Here is something I want to try...sharing the odd bits I post here and there, with links to provide context.
I am sufficiently enamored with my own writing that I assume others are as well, so here is a sampling:

I believe that the "love" in question is the kittens, puppies, unicorns and rainbows feel-good-ism prevalent today, a sloppy agape that is all about feeling rather than belief, emotion rather than rational thought. The love Jesus displayed, from raising a dead child to driving the hucksters out of the Temple with whips, is far removed from the treacly oozing that passes for love in the minds of those who own- at best- a caricature of Christian faith.
Those who believe in such, please pray for me. I speak tomorrow night, and my heart is heavy for "the whole state of Christ's church. I am desparate to say precisely what I should.
A comment of mine at Vox's

Also from Vox's

Is there a single Christian here that will say their conception of Christian morality is a persistant burden to them personally? Somehow I doubt it. --Mike WC

I'll stand up to that one! I love pretty. I adore beautiful women. I enjoy seeing them. (One thing is seeing to it that when I See Pretty, it does not move on to thoughts of lust, or in the vulgar tongue- "I'd hit that!".) I am not the best looking, but my humor and charm overcome that, and were I of the sort to do so, I would have no trouble being well-supplied with...the willing.
In my darker moments, I think that on my deathbed, should my vision darken, and I see on the Other Side...nothing, no Light, no tunnel, not even an "Other Side", my last coherent thought as my neurons disconnect will be- "Man, I sure missed a lot of fun...". But this is in my darker moments, which I think that most harbor from time to time. When I am walking in the Light (read John's first letter) I am confident of Jesus' promise, and that His commands to me are for my good. So I control my thoughts, do not gawk at overt displays of pulchritude, and make a covenant with my eyes, as it were. My wife is precious to me, and the covenant I made with her is not a light thing.

So yes, I am burdened by the command. It restrains me from What I Would Like. Compared to the burden Jesus took from me....

I find it a fair trade

Just some odd bits. Enjoy!

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