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Saturday, June 10, 2006

OK. On Tuesdae, the People of Alabama spoke. If you listened closely, you could hear the drooling.
"Buffalo" Bob Riley ('cos he is so full of Bravo-Sierra) is the Repub. gubernatorial candidate. The proven and obvious liar and tax-lover is back for Round Two. "I Love Lucy" Baxley is the Dem goober.

I am SO voting for the Libertarian gal, Loretta Nall.
Alas, it will be a write-in, as she failed to get enough sigs to get on the ballot. Spent too much time stumping for Cannabis Culture, and being droll about her superstructure. For my money, though, better a well-built hophead than a liar. Or maybe I just don't care anymore. Every putatively "Christian" candidate has let me down. Every one. The system Does Not Work. Whilst I cannot in good conscience NOT vote, I waver perilously close to Ian McLeod's non-voting stance. At least my vote buys me the right to kvetch, though.

Seriously, Mr. Moral Majority, Ms. Christian Coalition, what has been accomplished to further your Godly aganda? Hmmmmmmm? I love how Roe was overturned. And remember when Congress passed the Protection of Marriage Act? That was AWESOME! A Christmas Tree in every school cafetorium? Sweet!
Figure it out. It's not working. Do something else, like pray, maybe, or teach the Gospel to these guys, so they will actually have an objective base for their actions, other than "Will this get me re-electd?".

This is NOT gonna be a fun political season. Heaven knows what the Repubs will field for '08.
It makes me a sa-a-a-a-d panda.
Or an angsty Aardvark.

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Billiam said...

angsty, I like that! I have the same mis-givings you do about '08. Also about '06.