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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Isn't college GREAT ?!

This picture is from our local paper, The News Courier, and the Earnest Young Miss is a stoont at UAH, and I am sure that she believes her little sign.

It just hurts my head. NOT THE POINT. Their PRESENCE is illegal. They have broken our immigration laws.


Doing so has consequences. If I rob a bank, and am caught, I will go to jail, and not even pass "GO". Likewise, if I murder someone, I will go to jail, and depending on where, I may well be executed for my trouble. If someone sneaks into our country, and is caught, he may well be sent home. He surely should be. I do not care if he is here "for a better life". We have a method in place for immigrants to enter legally.

Our little miss above has forgotten a major Kindergarten rule: Don't Jump Ahead.

UAH has accomplished its goal. Teach them what to think, not how to think.

The Alabama newsreaders are bleeding all over their HD studios about stories of widdle kiddies whose parents made bad choices, and because of crackdowns on illegal immigrants are having to go home, or risk deportation, meaning these widdle kiddies won't be in Alabama schools anymore.

Alabama is MEAN. Poor widdle kiddies...they won't learn self-esteem in schools. Or get free lunch.

Because Daddy and Mommy sneaked into the country to pick veg and cut the heads off of chickens.


In other news: US has abandoned rule of law in favor of fiat assassination.

Sleep well.


Ted Amadeus said...

When the Whore of Babylon runs your country for the profit of the Synagogue of Satan, this is what happens. Donks want cheap votes, GOPhers want slave labor. If Alabama passes the No Freebees For Dopers & Drunks law, I may become your neighbor:
In Indiana, Illinois, Michigan & numerous other states, you can get SSI & other handouts for being a doper, drunkard &/ sodomite!
In other, other news, can you tell me if there are any nations that declared war on God and came out better for it?
I didn't think so.

Jay said...

Declared war on God. Good one Ted!

4 sure signs a nation is committing suicide: Socialism, abortion, homosexuality, feminism.

If it we'ren't for abortion we wouldn't "need" these invading "workers.