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Monday, October 24, 2011

Do what he say, do what he saaaayyyy... do what he saaaayyyy...

So, I was thinking (and I REALLY need to move into a lighter vein, but the nights are getting longer, and my temper, shorter.), if you are going to make the pretense of following historical, Biblical Christian doctrine, you might do well to stop pulling other doctrines out of your nethers.

Rapture: NOT IN THERE (Resurrection of the dead, yes, but that's a different basket of loaves and fishes)
Sinners Prayer: NOT IN THERE Period.
Ask JESUS into your heart!: NOT IN THERE (Rev.3:20 is to the erring church at Laodicea.)

(As to the latter two, a reading of Peter's prescription would be enlightening in Acts chapter two. Read the whole thing. Behold the birth of the church.) 

If you are going to be a Biblical Christian, then do what the Bible says. It may not be cool. It may not be hip. It may not popular. It may not be soPHISticated.

It will please your God. Jesus said "If you love me, keep my commandments.". That alone is the metric for our love for Christ. Do What He Says. Raising your hands isn't. Being there every time the door opens isn't. Doing quiet time isn't.





This requires more than a passing nod to the Scriptures. It requires reading them. Getting to know them. Doing them.Yourself.

The German soldiers at the Nuremburg trials were not cut any slack because "ve vere following orders.". Likewise, pointing and saying "My preacher said" or "the youth minister said" will not cut it. Adam blame shifted not only to Eve "the woman" but also to God Himself "that YOU gave me". That didn't work either. We are, each of us, responsible for Knowing and Doing. Biblical truth is findable and knowable. With your reading, and reading with others of like precious faith, you can apprehend a great trove of truth to practise and share.

The New Testament was written in koine Greek. Street Greek. Martin Luther translated the Bible into the language of the German people. Wycliffe translated it into English. It was written to be read and understood. It is not some mystic, gnostic tome. Read it. Then do it. Get help if you need.

Just be sure that you are not making it up as you go along.


Michael W said...

Follow the Commandments?

That would certainly work towards taking nine-tenths of the meanness out of people (not to mention streamlining our political process).

Vidad said...


Vidad said...

"Do what you saaaaaaaay..."


The Aardvark said...

MW- What? Practical application of the Faith? In the marketplace?
Awwww, Vidad. You say th' sweetest THANGS!

Samm Hein said...

Three gods, life-after-death & salvation by altruism (bribes&/bombs fer JEEEEEZus) are not in the Bible either, but most of Christen-DUMB preaches and teaches them...What'cha gonna do?

The Aardvark said...

Dunno, maybe preach Christ's gospel with humility or something.

The Aardvark said...

You're right...the Christian faith does not have three Gods, but neither does it teach it, despite what Russell and Rutherford have claimed.

Resurrection of the body? Anyone? Bueller??

"salvation by altruism"
THAT'S a new one.