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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hmmmmmm. Still here. It was either a really quiet trumpet, or nothing happened. I'm betting on the latter, given that FOX and CNN are not full of video of massive automobile wrecks from driverless cars careening into those Left Behind.

Which raises an issue: If I were a raptured motorist, and my unmanned flivver kills a mother hysterically pushing her now-empty pram along Jefferson Street, would my rapture ticket be rescinded?
What of the Almighty's culpability in this fiasco? I mean, she would have no chance to come to Jesus during the Tribulation period, now. This should be especially alarming to Open Theists, who believe that God limits His foreknowledge, apparently because He likes surprises, or at least so they can fanwank a way for foreknowledge and free will to coexist amicably. (As an Arminian Calvinist, I have never seen the problem myself.) I mean, these victims will never be able to hear fine gospel preaching by the Two Prophets, or the 144,000. I have far less problem with God opening the earth to swallow Dathan and Co. than with Himself perpetrating Rapture-induced vehicular homicide.

Actually, I see this as a damning indictment of the whole damned teaching (see what I did there? And you thought I was just cussin'!). Airplanes falling from the sky, cars doing the Carmageddon thing on the roadways, all because God blew the Rapture whistle. No fairs, NO FAIRS! (Quick...what's the reference?!)

And I used to believe this stuff.

Now I am not so callow as to believe that ad doctrinum attacks are sufficient to disprove the thing, The Scriptures, and a passing acquaintance with them are sufficient (at least after you recognise any blind spots you may have.) Read the Scriptures and let them say what they say following normal rules of grammar and meaning, and you should be fine. No need for J.Vernon McGee, or John MacArthur, or Hal Lindsey to lead you by the nose.    

Mr. McLeod's offering on FaCHAYbook admirably bullseyes the political spectrum facing us:

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. (G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, April 19, 1924)

 I cannot argue with Mr. Chesterton.


Michael W said...

I went back over your previous blogs in search of information. Did I miss a Rapture call here?

Have the only people who were Called been those who keep mysteriously vanishing from cruise ships?

Next eschatological question: If God isn't keeping the Rapture on schedule, does that mean He'll also stop leaving little chocolates on pillows in hotel bedrooms?

The Aardvark said...

Yes. Harold Camping, who missed on his May 21st 2011 prediction, updated it DEFINITELY to Oct. 21st 2011. Just thought I'd follow the thing through. My stuff on the May non-event is here, with a picture of a shirt I did for a con:

The cruise ship thing would involve serial raptures, yes? I suspect that there is more likely champagne or spouse-induced Rapture, as it were, of the Deep, ultimately ending as an hors d'oeurve for a shark.

As to the chocolates, I NEVER find choccies on my pillow at hotels.


Samm Hein said...

I'm really surprised this latest world-doom prediction turned out to be BS...just like all the others...OR NOT.

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Bible 857,
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