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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Twaddling my thumbs...

Twaddle: To talk in a weak and silly manner,
like one whose faculties
are decayed; to prate;
to prattle. --Stanyhurst.

I had never seen "twaddle" used as a verb, but this morning I have seen
it in action.
I print Vacation Bible School (VBS) shirts for several local churches.
They normally purchase a canned curriculum for their program,
but have us do a design that is cooler than the one provided with
the materials.

I wanted to get ahead of the game, so I got my Sunday morning java,
aimed my household Logic at the 'Net, and went Here.
I wanted to check the download clipart, to see if any of it was usable.

Let's imagine Paul the apostle, or Peter, or Stephen the first
martyr of the church: faced with persecution and death for
preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet driven still to do
so by the Holy Spirit. Imagine their coming up with the stuff
that currently passes for Gospel teaching. Imagine Paul and
Barnabas doing "Avalanche Ranch", twaddling
the Gospel.

I wonder why Islam and other "isms" have made such inroads
in the West?

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Billiam said...

Well said. I've often said, God doesn't change for you, YOU change for God. Truth is truth, yet the Bible teaches false preachers will decieve many...